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In need of Inspiration

Im currently working on an entry into the Sovereign Art Foundations' Asian Art prize competition... after being sat down by a very talented (and persuasive) fellow AnD' er, who quite rightly pointed out that if i want to get my name and art 'out there' I have to be proactive, pushy and damn well pursue every available creative avenue possible.

For those of you unaware of the SAF, I urge you to go check out their website. SAFis a charitable organisation which supports and promotes Asian artists, whilst also supporting other worthy charitable causes through their annual competition and charity auction.


And so... I have begun work on my 2009 masterpiece (ha) in order to enter (and to pacify my pushy pencil pimp).

Not shy by nature personally, I find I suffer enormously from the pressure of what others think of my creative work, yet I am learning that of course, this is what helps shape you into the artist you become, (especially in order to work commercially). So, I figured it would make sense to check out what you guys have been liking/disliking.

Having been on AnD just a short while the first thing I have noticed, which has proved to be of particular interest, is that my new ventures into watercolour style ladies (which is a vast departure from my usual very stylized vector work) has been vastly more popular than the other albums. So I feel this is definitely the direction to head in.Additionally, although an Asian art prize the subject does not necessarily need to be so. However, more and more frequently I have felt compelled to use  the beautiful lady of Asian descent as subject matter.

What comes after that I am still fighting the evils of the clock to figure out in time to enter!

In the meantime, I have been doodling away to get me into the creative mindset required to produce said 'Pièce de résistance'

Heres my latest 'honest im going to enter, im still working on something good enough, heres something else meanwhile'


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Hey i like your point "be proactive, pushy and damn well pursue every available creative avenue possible."
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