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06/02/2009 - A Revamp

A relative newbie to AlivenotDead, I have an admission of dismissal to confess: Reluctantly I signed up a wee while ago, sighing as I did so wondering how on earth I was going to maintain and keep up to date with my facebook, blog, email, social life, ridiculous slave labour working hours, addiction to lan kwai / wanchai... with the addition of yet another networking site??!Caving to peer pressure, I completed the rudimentary fields of entry, bunged some random shizzle from my databank of sketchpad / computer experiments and thought not a lot more about it. Tut tutI clearly have underestimated the reach, pull, influence, and credibility of the site. More in depth recent research, through the art of profile stalking, chatting to members (both in person and in the digital arena), attending events, and receiving updates have opened my eyes to the world of AnD. What an awakening it has been, there are quite the number of creative talented individuals out there on the crazy asian shores of the big Hk ! I have realised pretty sharpish that I better step up my game in order not to get left behind in a cloud of obliteration. Some new work in the process (bring on the hand cramp and coffee all nighters), a folder reorganisation, and a promise to share some witty banter via bloggage in order to break the boredom of me enforcing you to stare at my doodles, is underway.Please feel free to comment, judge, scorn or advise... all are much appreciated !Lead the way AnD !!Tx 

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thx for visit my blog~ your work is so nice~
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