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The view from my studio, today, July 19th, 2010.

The weather is stunning in HK right now. Every day is a blue sky. We had a big weather system come through which gave us a couple of days of waves and scrubbed the sky clean.

I have had a very eventful couple of weeks back in the city but now things are settling and i'm back to painting daily. It's such a therapeutic pursuit, much needed. It's so challenging but so satisfying in it's directness. Just me and the paint. I'm compelled to paint nudes right now. They are women with their arms stretched in front of them as if  in defense. The future barreling towards them, an unstoppable force.

Here's a little clip from CNN. I was in this little documentary. It made me think about Pollock and how being in the media was such a new thing in the 50's as an artist and how it's just normal now.


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yeah the weather this weekend was great (except for the rain Saturday night). I got some good late afternoon biking in yesterday... if I was a painter i'd have been inspired to paint the sunset, but I was too busy sweating my way along the western side of Tolo Harbor anyway to break out a canvas and brush. :-P
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blogging is in and of itself self-indulgent too, just like painting or any other art form. Who thinks anyone else wants to read anything you or I are writing? at the bottom of it, its a plea for attention or self-affirmation (which is why etchy loves getting comments!)
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all art is subjective. so at the end of the day all that really matters is your own opinion of the art.
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Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by my page. And yes i agree that it is a good thing when much is being talked about concerning your show or just the local art scene in general, because it means more and more people are getting engaged in it. i mean, hey, it's better than just gossiping about pointless celebrity affairs 24/7 right? Anyway, look forward to seeing your next installation too, and paintings!!
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Art can only be judged in retrospect. From my experience, it can take up to 25 years to understand the merits (and even what is interesting or important) about a work of art. It is only in retrospect, when there is a panorama and some chronological sense of what came before and after any given work of art that we can make much sense out of it. As an artist, what there is for you to do is create art that comes from the most integral part of you (well, unless you want to be an "art star" with the half-life of a pop star). The critics, quite literally, do not know what they are talking about. The best they can do is try and point out what might be significant and/or important about the current art scene. Time will do the rest. Controversy is good, it means you have struck a chord. The worst would be for no one to have a reaction to what you've done. The issues that people focus on that are raised about your exhibition are, of course, their issues.
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Haters are actually Lovers
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