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Life is a process, during this process, you are constantly being challenged with the question of the "trade off". Everything you do is a trade off of being able to do something else. Deciding what to do everyday is not easy when you want to maximize the quality of life. It might sound so systematic but for me, this is where priority comes in. Once you have the priority, then you have your focus and goal. motivation and discipline is also key.

I need to be inspired....

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It is much more painful (and permanent) to regret _not_ doing something than doing it. You know what you want. Go after it. You can't fail. Trust me, I'm a doctor ;P
about 15 years ago
Hope you find your inspiration too...do you know where to start? Is it a thing? An idea? Or a person? Of the three, I find PEOPLE inspire me most.
about 15 years ago
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DEEP! I'm right there with you Shan!
about 15 years ago


i like funny people.

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