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Acting Class with Jeanne Hartman!!

First, thanks everyone for your kind suggestions on my dieting entry, I am happy to report that I have been going to the gym about 3 times a week, and its been a whole month and a half! (longest I've ever lasted...) and i can definitely see a difference in my body and energy level. lets see how long this can last!Last night, a few AnDers and I had the honor of taking an "acting 101" crash course with Ms. Jeanne Hartman. I must say that the class had exceeded far beyond my expectations and even within the limited 4 hours of class, I was certainly able to tell a difference between my first read and our performances at the end of the class! Not to mention it was SO MUCH FUN!!

Now i regret not taking the 2 day class over the past weekend =( but the great news is that hopefully she is coming back early next year sometime and we will again have this wonderful opportunity. 

For those who are not looking to be a professional actor, i would still recommend the course simply because it does not just teach you how to ACT, it helps to improve your communication skills and public speaking skills immensely. And these are tools we can apply to almost anything we do in our daily lives. Social life, professional life, and just interaction with people in general.

It was so fun watching friends act, Stephen, Berton, Mark, Wing, Simon , everyone did a really great job and there were some pretty hilarious team building moments.

So, thanks Jeanne for such an eye opening experience and Jason for organizing everything! We want MORE! :D

Our disastrous attempt at jumping shots.... hahahah


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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
I wish you guys coulda made it to the weekend class! Next time la! Our attempts at taking a jumping photo are hilarious! Sometimes watching people fail is just so funny;)
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that is a disaster! :-P
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i like funny people.

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