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New Single "天下不亂" !!! | 新單曲"天下不亂"!!!

I'm excited to finally let you guys see and hear my new single "天下不亂."  I hope you guys enjoy it and I must say that I had the best time filming this vid with my brother Scott directing and with my boys Jun Kung and Ah Sing backing me up.  Also extra love to Eric Kwok (my producer) and Jun for their guidance.  Plus special thanks to all the peeps behind Alivenotdead and the amazing artists on the site for their support.  This was totally a group effort and its just the beginning so hold on tight!

| 很興奮終於能給大家看和聽我的新單曲"天下不亂",希望你們喜歡。我得說拍攝這部MV的過程非常愉快,由我弟弟許懷谷執導,好兄弟恭碩良和Ah Sing友情出演。特別感謝郭偉亮(我的制作人)和Jun的指導,還要感謝Alivenotdead團隊和網站藝術家們的支持。這是團隊合作的成果,才剛開始,請繼續關註!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy3__nIU3Rw The official video for " 天下不亂" !!! | "天下不亂"官方MV


The artwork for the "天下不亂" radio version!  There is a CD of the song with a video diary inside in the new Re:spect magazine and they're also free with an over $300 purchase at Tom Lee music stores (while supplies last).

| "天下不亂"電臺版設計!新一期Re:spect雜誌附送一張CD,裝有這首歌和視頻日記,他們還免費贈送Tom Lee音樂店鋪價值超過港幣300元的購物金額。

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fun! mv.. great! song.. support!.. =))
over 12 years ago
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Like it, funny vid!
over 12 years ago
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Wow, i just saw this on your bro's blog, it is great!!Great work thanks....I hope, the CD will be available on yesasia soon. Nice wok!! Support =)
over 12 years ago
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Awesome song, gonna send the link to my friend - she apparently knows your family.
over 12 years ago
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I like it! It's catchy like your other songs. :) Thanks for sharing! Rock on!!!
over 12 years ago
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ROCK ON!!! very nice!
over 12 years ago
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I like the new song and the music video. Did I see an "alive not dead" sign in the beginning?
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
awesome!!!! like the uhhh sign you pull out in the beginning.... THANKS!!
over 12 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
Oh... did I pickup a SECOND [alive not dead] reference in that video -- is Jun surfing Rosemary's page about a minute into the video? hehehe http://www.alivenotdead.com/rosemary/Modelling+Photos-album-1764.html?aid_4390
over 12 years ago
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great song! keep them coming!
over 12 years ago
dude...new song is incredible...scottie - awesome job with the video dude! can't wait until this EP or record or whatever it is comes out Ryan!!! i'll be first in line to pick it up :-) oh - i like the SG you're using in that pic! :-) i had that same SG for a big part of KLC's little career hehehehe...good guitar... riz
over 12 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Make sure ya'll check out the hi-res version if you haven't already. http://www.stage6.com/user/eittocs/video/2107152/Hong-Kong-singer-Ryan-Hui-2008- single Makes a huge difference. Thanks bro, you did an awesome job and the song is tight.
over 12 years ago
over 12 years ago
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great vid. scott did a great job! rock on!
over 12 years ago


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