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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !!! | 中秋節快樂!!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!!  I hope you all had time to have dinner with your family today or sometime this week.  Too bad you can't play with candles and lanterns like the old days.  I remember going to the World Wide Gardens (Shatin) park and light candles along the pond with my brother Scott and our friends.  Those were good times...

| 祝大家中秋節快樂!!希望你們今天都能跟家裏人一起吃晚餐,或本周抽個時間。真可惜,不能象小時侯一樣玩蠟燭和燈籠了。我還記得在沙田的世界花園,跟弟弟Scott和朋友們在池塘邊一起點蠟燭。真是愉快的時光…

| 祝大家中秋节快乐!!希望你们今天都能跟家里人一起吃晚餐,或本周抽个时间。真可惜,不能象小时侯一样玩蜡烛和灯笼了。我还记得在沙田的世界花园,跟弟弟Scott和朋友们在池塘边一起点蜡烛。真是愉快的时光…

Eager kids ready to play with fire!  What happened to my old Ultraman T-shirt?

| 小孩都喜歡玩火!我小時候的這件鹹蛋超人T恤去哪了?| 小孩都喜欢玩火!我小时候的这件咸蛋超人T恤去哪了?

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Happy Moon Festival, Ryan! Cute photo... =)
almost 14 years ago
Photo 19134
happy mid-autumn festival ya~~! ya i miss playing the candle lanterns..its more fun than the electrical lantern~!!. heheh both of you sOOo adorable =)
almost 14 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Hey brother. Those were really cool overalls I wore!! Let's go light some candles and burn stuff while we're at it. heh heh.
almost 14 years ago
Photo 1831
such a cute picture! happy mid-autumn festival!
almost 14 years ago
Photo 36337
Cute photo. Your brother's overall's are fab. Happy Moon Festival.
almost 14 years ago
Photo 12272
You look smart when you're kid! :)
almost 14 years ago
Photo 32436
Same to you! Look at those mischievous boys...I'm sure there was a lot of fun involved ;)
almost 14 years ago
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You were a good looking kid! Happy Moon Cake Day!
almost 14 years ago
Fb img 1493569407689
Aww so cute!
almost 14 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
Love the retro outfits... those are definately styled out and HOT!!
almost 14 years ago
Photo 39540
almost 14 years ago
Photo 39745
memories are great. always.
almost 14 years ago


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