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Get your award on !!! | 收獎入囊!!!

Well its been a busy week trying to get things ready for some up coming shows but well worth it.  I'm really excited to get to play with Michael Wong and his big band on Sunday in Times Square.  I love swing music (especially Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, and Brian Setzer Orchistra) so it was a no brainer plus I'm a huge jazz fan too.  I think we'll have fun rockin' with the band.  I also get to play with Paul Wong, Jun, Josie, 24 Herbs, Candy Lo, Koler, and some other great bands at Wild Day Out which should be insane.  Apart from that, I spent most of the past 3 days sitting for hours and hours watching this year's award shows.  Big congrats to Eason, Paul, Koler, Zarahn, DJ Tommy, Edison, and Fama for the keeping everyone on their toes. 

| 過去一周真忙,要準備幾場即將到來的演出,雖辛苦但很值得。很期待跟王敏德和他的big band周日在時代廣場的演出。我喜歡搖擺音樂(尤其是Benny Goodman、Glen Miller和Brian Setzer Orchistra),不需動腦筋,再加上我也是爵士發燒友,跟他們樂隊演出一定很有意思。還要跟黃貫中、Jun、何超儀、24 Herbs、盧巧音、Koler及一些很棒的樂隊做Wild Day Out表演,聽起來就很棒了。還有,這三天我坐了好幾小時觀看今年的頒獎禮,恭喜陳奕迅、黃貫中、Koler、Zarahn、DJ Tommy、陳冠希以及農夫獲獎!

We just wrapped up the skate video yesterday so Nigel just needs to finish editing and its out for you guys to check out while taking the bus.  I saw a sample episode and I'm really happy with it.  Thanks to Sam Lee, Paul Wong, Brian, Josie, Conroy, Lee-Hawk, Nigel, and everyone who helped out!

| 昨天我們剛結束了滑板短片的拍攝,只等Nigel剪輯完,你們搭乘公車時就能看到了。我昨天看了樣片,非常開心。謝謝Sam Lee、黃貫中、Brian、何超儀、陳子聰、Lee-Hawk、Nigel和所有幫忙的人!

Busted!  My first HK speeding ticket.  Watch out down by TST East....

| 糟糕!這是我第一張香港超速罰單。各位行駛在在尖沙嘴東時要小心…

All my friends know I suck at video games so bad that I have to play old-school Nintendo Super Mario.  3 months later I'm still half-way through level 4! | 我所有朋友都知道我玩視頻遊戲技術很差,只能玩很老的任天堂"超級瑪麗",3個月後我還沒過

第4關!  The new Takashi Murakami book is amazing! | 村上隆的新書相當精彩!

It features his best works and shows how he brought the world of anime, manga, and art together.  Dope!

| 收錄了他許多優秀作品,帶有強烈日本卡通漫畫色彩,又糅合藝術成分。厲害!

I also picked up the new Elliot Smith book that has tons of rare photos, lyric sheets, and testimonials from his close friends.  It also includes a live CD! | 我還買了Elliot Smith的新書,其中有許多珍貴照片、詞作品和好朋友們寫的文章,以及一張現場演出CD!

He was definitely one of my favorite song writers ever, it was a shame that he passed away.  I remember feeling lucky to have seen him play just a few months before he took his life... | 他絕對是我最愛的唱作人之一,真可惜已經過世。仍記得他自殺前幾個月我還很幸運看到他演出…

Bjork is coming to Hong Kong!  Really!  But I won't believe it until I have a ticket in hand.  Last time I saw her was in San Diego in 96 and I remember freaking out seeing all these ravers with their glitter, big pants and glow sticks...haha.

| 比約克要來香港!真的!直到手上拿著票我才肯相信。上次看她演出還是96年在聖地亞哥,記得那時這些名人穿著閃亮、大褲筒褲子,拿著發光手杖…哈哈。

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doh, busted in East TST? are you one of those guys zooming by my window in the middle of the night?
over 12 years ago
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Bjork! I'm a quarter Icelandic, I look it more than anything. You know Ryan from reading your blogs, you just a cool and interesting guy. Before seeing you on this site I had no idea who you were, now I think you're pretty damn awesome! :)
over 12 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Hahahahahahahaha...about the ticket. *knocks on wood*
over 12 years ago
Simonbirch 4e simonbirch
you always write really good blogs ryan. i love that murakami book too. his work is very different to mine but i think the guy is just awesome, not just the work itself but his attitude and the machine behind his work and his honesty about his methods. remarkably unpretentious. i love that you get to play music with your dad, that is so cool. and tough shit about the speeding ticket...i only just got my license back after yet another ban..... see you out and about.
over 12 years ago


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