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Friendly Competition | 友好的比賽

Last Friday I was invited to be the special guest at Tom Lee’s Soundbase Acoustic competition and it was a blast.  It was really cool seeing so many different types of groups playing good covers and originals.  Hopefully these competitions will continue to push people to write more music and to play live.  I really think the HK scene can be really great but we all got to do it together and support each other to make it happen.  So let’s show everyone what we can do.  Keep fighting!

|  上周五我被邀作為嘉賓參加Tom Lee”原音Soundbase Acoustic band competition比賽”,非常熱鬧。看到不同風格的樂隊帶來他們的翻唱和原創歌曲,很酷。希望這些比賽能推動大家寫歌,做更多現場表演。我真的認為香港音樂界可以發展得更好,但我們要團結起來並互相支持,要更多展示自己。繼續努力!

|  上周五我被邀作为嘉宾参加Tom Lee”原音Soundbase Acoustic band competition比赛”,非常热闹。看到不同风格的乐队带来他们的翻唱和原创歌曲,很酷。希望这些比赛能推动大家写歌,做更多现场表演。我真的认为香港音乐界可以发展得更好,但我们要团结起来并互相支持,要更多展示自己。继续努力!

I haven’t played an acoustic set in a while so it was fun changing things up.

| 已經很久沒玩acoustic了,偶爾改變一下還挺有意思。 | 已经很久没玩acoustic了,偶尔改变一下还挺有意思。

Big thanks to Joseph for watching my back.  Every time just the two of us play he comes up with some really cool ideas.

| 非常感謝Joseph的支持,每次我們倆的演出,他總是有很棒的主意。 | 非常感谢Joseph的支持,每次我们俩的演出,他总是有很棒的主意。

Yesterday we took some new PR pics at Frank’s studio.

| 昨天我們在Frank的工作室拍了一些新的宣傳照。 | 昨天我们在Frank的工作室拍了一些新的宣传照。

Clerence (Cheung Tak Ho) stopped by to say hi.

| Clerence (Cheung Tak Ho)跟我say hi。| Clerence (Cheung Tak Ho)跟我say hi。

Checking out the samples on the big screens…

| 看大屏幕的樣本。 | 看大屏幕的样本。

Later that night I went skating with Brian (24Herbs/852), Lee Hawk, Nigel, and Fa Gsai at Victoria Park.  They just started to putting out skate obstacles on Saturday nights.  Pretty fun stuff. 

| 晚上我和Brian (24Herbs/852)、Lee Hawk、Nigel和Fa Gsai在維多利亞公園玩滑板,他們周六晚上剛開始滑障礙。非常好玩。 | 晚上我和Brian (24Herbs/852)、Lee Hawk、Nigel和Fa Gsai在维多利亚公园玩滑板,他们周六晚上刚开始滑障碍。非常好玩。

Kanye West vs 50 Cent! Both albums were released on the same day last week.  Kanye has my vote with fresh beats and artwork by one of my favorite Japanese designers Takashi Murakami!

| Kanye West和50 Cent!上周他們不約而同發行了新唱片。我喜歡Kanye的新節奏以及最欣賞的日本設計師Takashi Murakami的作品!

| Kanye West和50 Cent!上周他们不约而同发行了新唱片。我喜欢Kanye的新节奏以及最欣赏的日本设计师Takashi Murakami的作品!

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wow, you're getting some pretty crazy air! friday was great. gotta give props to Tom Lee for setting that thing up.
over 12 years ago
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Cool pics.... love the one of you in mid air! :) How often do you go skating?
over 12 years ago
Photo 35360
Hey Ryan, Im sure you got a nice photo shot , can't wait to listen your new coming song.kep rockin
over 12 years ago
Photo 1831
I think the HK music scene can grow! keep on going! I like the cover for Kanye West's album.
over 12 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Lately I've been trying to skate once a week depending on my schedule...and my knees..ha!
over 12 years ago
Ryan.. wait your new song.. =)
over 12 years ago
Photo 36337
I see so many boy and girl bands in the UK, who cannot write a single lyric or play a single note and it infuriates me to know that when I go to a local pub or an event, I can hear fantastic muscians and singers who do all their own material, and know that they will never be seen in the UK charts, and it is so sad. We need competitions like the Tom lee's , so that it gives a chance for true artists to shine. BTW great photos from the show.
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya would be good to get all those bands on our site...
over 12 years ago


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