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our nation used to be able to do great things. 40 years ago it landed on Mars. July 20, 1976, 7 years to the day after the Apollo 11 moon landing, the first successful landing on Mars by NASA's Viking spacecraft took place. The ambitious Viking missions continue to evoke pride and enthusiasm for future space exploration.

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Trump wanted to paint a landscape in America of a crime stricken wasteland. He wants to "restore law and order" but violent crimes under Obama are at a low point. He has a solution for a problem America does not have... and it is a solution we do not want and a free society can not afford....

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Fascism Fest 2016 [aka the Republican National KKKonvention] The fashion elite made sure to get their tour shirt --- BROWN SHIRTS -- of course. And accessorized by boots -- Jackboots of course. I attached of photo of some good ole GOP patriots marching to the RNC. -Various RNC elite showed their skill at translation by reciting segments from Mein Kampf nearly verbatim. [they REALLY DID!] -Ms Trump showed her ethics by plagiarizing her speech on her moral and family values...

- Donald personally promised me I would finally get that winged unicorn that shoo...Read more

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Obscure Productions is happy to be supporting the 2016 Shanghai International Short Film Contest

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Sad what happened in Nice, but terrorists won't try that in murika, cuz: The only thing that stops a bad man with a truck is a good guy -- with a truck. - NMTA National Monster Truck Assn. --

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Blacklivesmatter more than bigots hurt feelings . This video tells a powerful story of how the different treatment of blacks happens. At a cost of 43 stitches and almost getting shot. All because he asked for a warrant before the police searched his car while he was driving while black.

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I waited some days to mull this over. But the more I think about Dallas, and I mourn for our fallen police, but the worst thing to come out of this is the way the suspect was eliminated. Blowing up the sniper in Dallas was not OK. Sure the active shooter event had to be ended. But If they could deliver a bomb and blow his up, they could have loaded a stun grenade. Can't they make a taser drone? or pelted him from drones with rubber bullets? dropped a smoke grenade? No, there was a mindset to break this taboo and use military hardware on our soil. After the Rodne...Read more

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The scariest thing about this is not that this design could never float nor that it needs to be steel reinforces to stay together... IT HAS A RUDDER.... and neither a sail nor a place for oars. The simple ignorance of hydrodynamics that for a rudder to work you need a means of propulsion, humans had discovered this over 10,000 years ago. A craft that has zero relative velocity to the flow of water can do nothing with a rudder. so why does it have a rudder???? This ignorance of science is unforgivable. Noone that is not totally ignorant would make a boat with a rudder ...Read more

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Still the only confederate flag that mattered.

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BlackLivesMatter more than bigoted white folks feelings. And that is what is at stake. Black people are dying. When they stand up, white people's feelings get hurt. The stakes are very different.

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