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Really, the election can be bought and stolen. Ask for a provisional ballot instead. Seriously.

"With $26 worth of parts and an eighth-grade understanding of computers, virtually anyone could tamper ... The Diebold TSX model is slated to be used in 20 states in 2016, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Missouri and Colorado ... your iPhone is probably much more secure than most of these voting machines."

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Bush let the genie out of the bottle. How to put it back? And Trump want to EXPAND the security state..... he wants more and tougher policing , even though we are safer than we have been in the past 40 years with low crime rates... but trump wants more and tougher security.

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Clint Eastwood: when I grew up, racism wasn't called racism, and we liked it. [from Scott Seago - he nailed the essence of it]

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How SpaceX and NASA Will Work Together to Put a Dragon on Mars In 2018, SpaceX could become the first private company to land its own spacecraft on Mars. But it doesn't plan to do so alone. NASA wants to see if SpaceX's landing tech could put astronauts on Mars, and to find out, its vowed to help the private company send an uncrewed capsule to the Red Planet. While SpaceX would fund and build the uncrewed Red Dragon capsule and the Falcon Heavy rocket it launches on, NASA would take a supportive role in the mission, providing communications through the Deep Sp...Read more

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This Shanghai, China-based contest is globally minded.

www.shanghai-shorts.com will be starting registration on filmfreeway from Aug. 1. Make a short film in one month. A great experiment in teamwork, cultural exchange and the art of film making. And get your movie screened in China. Sign up at #Filmfreeway https://filmfreeway.com/festival/Shanghaishorts USD$1,000 Prize, #FinalDraft Screenwriting award and more.

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You can sign up to make a short film in the Shanghai International Short Film Contest through #filmfreeway

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Prescient words by William F. Buckley on why not to ever elect trump... Written in the runup to the 2000 election when Trump was floating an abortive run at the office. Still true today.

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Read China Indie Film Update. Indie film venues in China? Netflix on its way? A tribute video to Beijing.

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"The last time I wondered how much trouble one idiotic republican could get us into just by being elected president, the answer was "9/11"." --Eugene O'Neil

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