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Shanghai Pride. It makes me happy to see how free and proud gays can be in China these days. And you have to admire this great man.

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1 year later, it is still clear what the GOP agenda is . I forgot the other right the GOP wants you to have, the right to work for less money than it costs you to live.

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The GOP and conservatives are always trying to regulate personal lives and invade privacy and violate rights over concerns of "security" yet they deregulate corporations. Government should not intrude of private space and should regulate public space and businesses are public space.

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British Lose Right to Claim That Americans Are Dumber:

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End all campaign finance , federally funded elections or we will be victims to the most corrupt wealthy people getting the best government they can buy. hint : one that is not good for you or me,

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4 years ago I met the young director Xuezi Zhang when I worked on Rei Vasquez's production with Aragon Yao and some other great folks. Since then Xuezi has gone to New York for film school and is becoming quite the artist since then.

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To the gun nutz. I say no, you come and take it. Just try. Our police and our government and our soldiers that you have armed yourself against are our neighbors , friends and countrymen. You are arming yourself with military assault weapons against Americans. Your freedom to intimidate others with weapons should not outweigh our freedom to live, our freedom to send our children to school with reasonable expectation that they will live through the day. 30,000 gun deaths a year, one massacre a day since 2005 and 3000 kids died by gun deaths every year ... so NO, you ...Read more

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Do not pray for the victims of the massacre. Change the gun laws. That is the only thing that will end the reign of terror of the most cowardly among us to intimidate us with their artificial manhood substitute. Enough is enough.

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