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Producer Steve Long Finalizes scrīpt for "Father John"

28 March 2009 Shanghai -- Steve Long of Golden Quill Productions penned the scrīpt for his latest production "Father John" to be shot in Shanghai in late May/ early June 2009. Long says the scrīpt is currently undergoing final revisions. 

Long tapped Richard Trombly as director for this film noir-style intrigue and espionage thriller. The feature-length film is expected to premier in Shanghai this summer and then enjoy an international video release. Trombly is currently in Ku...Read more

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Filming "Distance Runners"

March 17, 2009 Kunming, China -- "Distance Runners" has opened filming. Director Robert Vicencio says his vision is to make an inspirational movie about making dreams come true.  For lead character Li Shan (Shao Wen " In Love with an Angel" and " Unnamed Heroes") finding his dreams does not come easy. A popular and athletic youth, he suffers a crippling accident, falls into depression and drives away the love of his life, Wen Yi (Huang Lu Read more

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Shanghai Fest tries to ride Slumdog's fame

http://www.screendaily.com/ScreenDailyArticle.aspx?intStoryID=43805&Category=  Boyle to chair Shanghai film festival jurySen-lun Yu in Beijing27 Mar 2009 10:22  The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) has announced that Danny Boyle will chair the international jury at the upcoming 12th edition of the festival (June 13-21). Boyle's   had its China premiere in Beijing yesterd...Read more

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Beijing Film festival/ Kunming Filming "Distance Runners"

Films at Beijing New International Movie Week. Since the Meiwenti Swat Chick party on Feb 26, I went to Beijing Feb 28-March 2 for the Beijing New International Movie Week, where I presented my Chinese language short films Dengdai (The Waiting) and Gua Shuo Shidian (Melon Harvest) to audiences in Beijing.  http://www.beijingfilmfest.org My short films can be viewed at: Read more

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Swat Chick party a grand success

Swat Chicks Rock ShanghaiI regret to say that I have not posted a blog since before the February 26 Swat Chick GALA fundraiser in Shanghai's Latitude Lounge for the short science fiction/action film Shanghai 2020. Juan vargas and the Meiwenti International Swat Chick SquadThe Swat Chick party drew around 200 people to come out on a rainy Thrusday night to support Meiwenti, the heroic badbo...Read more

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Meiwenti Productions -- filmmakers and promoters wanted

http://www.meiwentiproductions.com/The Meiwenti Network empowers everyone to produce high-quality independent films cost-effectively. Our distribution network provides independent motion picture producers an enthusiastic worldwide audience. We enhance career-building experience and cultural exchange in the film industry, from novices to professionals.film projects film contest film screenings

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Casting for Shanghai 2020 / general update

Shanghai 2020 is coming along nicely. The script for this 20 minute scifi cyberpunk film set in Shanghai during year 2020 is developing well. -WE are casting but still need to fill some roles.-The script is locked-Locations and crew are on board.Props are being developed, so that we have some cool futuristic scenes.... we chose near future so wardrobe expense would not kill us, but we are not holding back on visual effect excellence.Also the SWAT CHICK party will be a totally cool way to raise money for the project...Read more

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Dengdai 等待 (The Waiting) to play in Beijing

等待   The Waiting 2008 a short film by Richard Tromblywill play in Beijing on Saturday, February 28 at Club Obiwan. It is part of the Beijing International Film Week and the director will be present to discuss the film. "This film presents a vivid depiction of modern Shanghai seen through the eyes of 9-year-old Peipei Wang. Following her mother's sudden death, she and her brot...Read more

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Meiwenti community film project - Shanghai 2020

New Film Project -- Shanghai 2020

Meiwenti Productions is doing a community-based film project to create a near-future (year 2020) science fiction/ action film. (Think something like Johnnie neumonic or Matrix or some of the William Gibson "neuromancer" or other "cyber punk" stuff ... just more  simple on the visual effects)

We are a mix of professional talents, (including some pro CGI and visual effects) and energetic amateurs coming together to make a low budget but high qu...Read more

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Dengdai to make its USA premiere/ Christmas with the kids

I am visiting family in the USA for Christmas. Though Shanghai has been my home for 5 years, my kids moved back to USA. 11 year old Basil and 13 year old Anastasia were happy to have Dad home for christmas. My son was happy to find the presents under the tree. Yes it is a white and cold Christmas in the Boston area.  Read more

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