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deal with it.....whether you like it or not

All around me..... there is so much ugliness and cruelty ...

A friend tells me he has cancer

another tells me his friend died of cancer

even my maid is returning to her homestown cuz her mother-in-law has cancer

haha...... doesn't sound like, hey i've got new i phone,

yah me too,

yah my dad bought one too,

yah my friend bought it a month ago,

oh you should get too


i see the worst part of gorwing up isn't about dealing with your career or your family or paying for your rent or credit card,

it's about losing the ones your love

i read the  news about this British rally driver Colin McRae n his son killed in a helicopter crash. If ever he's supposed to die in an accident, i would've guess it be a car crash..... what an insult.

You just don't know how you're gonna die and when isn't it.?never know when you're gonna meet someone for the last time, dine with him for the last time, chat with him for the last time, hear him laugh for the last time...life is cruel, life unfair and i guess we just got ot deal with it.

and nobody ever said dealing with life is going to be easy

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nice jellyfish pics! i agree w/ your view... people need to appreciate every day we got but also not live in fear of adversity!
over 16 years ago
That's why we all have to make the most out of the time we have. The best times we have usually occur after we have to overcome doubt and obstacles to attain it.
over 16 years ago
dear sis....together we fight and live our lifes without regrets, cherishing every precious moments, knowing tat it'll never recur !! .....staying under the same roof allows me to say " love u " everyday.... this a blessing..... I thank u God............
over 16 years ago


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