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Happy Birthday Mama. Can’t believe she’s 60 already. I love how bubbly, spontaneous, encouraging, courageous, motivating, hardworking and sweet she is. She is just a wonderful human. Love you to the moon and back.

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Bonjour Paris!


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My dad who cared for me decades ago is doing the same for my Daughter today. Being a dad is indeed a never ending journey filled with worries and responsibilities. Thank you dad for your love, for protecting us and yet allowed us to venture towards our dreams. I know it has never been easy. Happy Father’s Day!


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It’s the end of the 2 day Innovest Unbound. It’s really fun to be at such events with my team. We get to interact with other startups, check our new innovations, attend talks, showcase our products and participate in discussions. It’s really refreshing. Looking forward to the next ones. For those I met at the expo, please stay in touch. Thanks.

unbound2018 @rhondawong @ohmyhomesg #ohmyhomesg

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The first time our family yogas together.... with our dad! Love it!

familyyoga @rosannewong

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A party is only a party with friends and family. Thank you all for celebrating together?‍♀️

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I wanted to DIY Cara’s birthday party but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. And when @rosannewong confirmed her attendance, I knew I’m set! Haha! My sisters are Super hands on girls and it was so unfortunate I had a really busy week. I thought I could start preparing for the party after work but work was never ending last week. Luckily @rosannewong flew in for the party and she put together the entire balloon deco. It’s her first time but I think she did a really good job! A million thanks to my family @rhondawong @bolge84 for setting up the party with David and I....Read more

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My mum is so creative to have made Cara a beautiful fruity treat. The little babies had so much fun munching on them while the adults had our dinner. Love ya mum?

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My baby Cara’s 1 today! Because of her, I want time to pass by even slower. Kids make us further appreciate how precious time is. Thank you all for celebrating Cara’s birthday and for the lovely gifts. We haven’t got around to opening them all. All love! Lucky us.

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Today’s a special day. 2 years since the launch of the @ohmyhomesg app and exactly a year since I took this picture, just 2 days before giving birth. Entrepreneurship & Motherhood are similar in many ways. You gotta pay attention to it every single day, grow, nurture, be patient, fix problems with equal urgency, be selfless, endure, draw satisfaction from it, laugh and cry with it and they are both a 24/7 job. It’s been kinda crazy but I’m loving every bit of it. Cheers to all the women out there doing two jobs every single day. ?? #motherhood #entrepreneurship P...Read more

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