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Hello Monday! Back to office, back to reality. Thank you for the feature @businesstimessg . I’m proud of what we do at Ohmyhome, where we dedicate all our time and resources into making housing transactions simple, fast & affordable. Making a difference in the lives of the thousand families we have served. @ohmyhomesg #ohmyhome @rhondawong #tech

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What a great night celebrating the love of @chrystan_x & Faliq. It’s wonderful that they hosted a finale celebration in Kyoto cuz we’ve missed the big wedding in KL. The company, the food and fresh flowers are all amazing. ??????

chrysfaliqeverafter #freshflowers

Thank you for the beautiful gowns @marcomchan

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A beautiful ceremony with tear jerking, humorous vows, wonderful family and friends, lovely weather and backdrop. Congratulations to the perfect couple once again. @chrystan_x #chrysfaliqeverafter

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We made Udon from scratch. It’s fun to do this together with my sisters cuz when it gets too tough, I’ll just ask @rosannewong to takeover. Hahaha! She’s really good at cooking while I am.... ermmm.... ?. The end result is good. The udon is chewy, perfect texture! @rhondawong #sisters #3r

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The silly things we do when we are together. Yup... I’m the one jumping. #jumpingforjoy cuz it’s been more than ten years since our last sisters-only trip. @rosannewong @rhondawong

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Happy Birthday to my little Sister @rhondawong ! You’re insanely driven, amazingly smart, extremely devoted to your family, friends and colleagues and loves to make others happy. I love how we see each other everyday, work next to each other in the same office, lunch together daily and even on weekends and yet still feel like we haven’t spent enough quality time with each other?. Thank you to my parents for giving me another Sister. You’re a treasure to me, always supportive and caring ??? #sisters hope you like these flowers I made

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Have you ever experienced eating art? Well I just did. Normally I dislike fancy restaurants that are just fancy with average food. But Ultra Violet is an out of this world experience with fantastic food. I was experiencing the highest form of art with all my senses ignited. I hope you get to try it once in your lifetime too. #ultravioletshanghai

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Due to time constraints, we took a heli to Margaret River, thinking that the organisers will prepare a car there to take us to the farm and then to lunch. Little did we know, we heli right into the farm and then heli to lunch, obviously making a grand entrance everywhere we went. The farmer even made a huge H and ? on his grass for us to land. Before we landed into the farm, I could see animals running under the trees and I said to my step Daughter “look they are running”. And she said “oh what are they running away from?” I said “obviously from us! We are making such...Read more  Play video

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