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We took Cara to Margaret River to visit an animal farm. She loves the animals and I’m surprised she’s not scared of feeding all of them. So cute watching my baby feed milk to a lamb. I got a Joey in my arm. His name’s Daniel.

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You’ll never know when you’re gonna use something or see someone for the last time.


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I was having such a good day in Perth until my car got broken into. My bag pack got stolen, along with my wallet, card holder which includes my ID cards, credit cards and my laptop..... Seriously, this happens so frequently in Perth because the police here does nothing about it. You call them, they take down your details and that’s it. And this is exactly why people keeps stealing. It happened to my friend twenty years ago and to this day, the reaction from the police didn’t change. Instead of going after the bad guys, they spend time setting up speed cameras. #lousyp...Read more

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Happy Birthday to the most amazing man in my life! Looking forward to our journey in life together.

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Life on IG is very misleading.... cuz when I’m hard at work, experiencing intense stress I wanna pull my hair out, I wouldn’t take any pictures and definitely not find time to post an update. It is only when I’m taking a break, do u see the easier side to life. But I think it’s not just me, it applies to most people on IG. One of the main reason is that, I like to spread positivity rather than stress. Today, all the major news outlets in Singapore covered the closing of our Series A. Seriously, nobody who aspires to be an entrepreneur realises the incredible stress t...Read more

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Happiest to come home to my world.

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road trips are our fav. As a Wife, my map reading ability has been replaced by technology. So I gotta find other skills to value add... such as... feed him snacks, water, play the right music and take selfies ?

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The Robot Restaurant experience is so manga ?. We are too old for it

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It was going very well until the very last second. I made 2 cups and 2 bowls while David made just 2 cups. He’s so cute, he kept messing it up ?. Check out the last pic for his “bowl”. They will fire it up and ship it back to us. Can’t wait to receive them ☺️

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This is the first time we are doing the touristic activities in Tokyo. Normally it’s just shopping and dining. But since it’s just the two of us, we decided to try something different. Pottery making!

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