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Up Date in Bkk

Lol okay dont kill me...

i been a bitch about updating my blog here, and its only because i dont have internet in my hotel so i cant use my laptop to upload pictures either. so im at these pc places every once in a while just to check up on things.

so far here my trip in bkk has been a pleasent stay. went to pataya first fewdays for the shoot. once i arrived the weather was a bit rainy but besides that when it wasnt raining the weather was nice. now im in the city. and did alot of bowling... alot of movie watching... and speaking of movies. i bought my tickets for BAT MAN tonight! woot woot after standing in line with ohm for like 25min trying to get tickets... we come up with a plan... he told me to get out and then walk up to the line on the side and see if they take you. if so i jump over. and like nobody was standing in that line i guess cuz they thought it was for customer service or somthing. hahaha... so next thing you know im called and we are like hell yah SCORE!!!

but not untill after we bought our ticktes we find out that they are showing batman in IMAX... DAMN It~! will have to watch it twice now. =]

so on another note been having alot of thai food. love it.... love it to much i think... my face has broke ōut =[ to much oil..

went to bed club for dinner lastnight with ohm and some model friends from singapore. good to see familiar faces from a year ago aswell... otherwise ive been a bum besides the shoot. have not even gone to the gym... ehhh well i feel that once im in taiwan thats when shit is going to have to get hardcore... but thats going to be hard to, i have so many friends from back home who are in taiwan now.... ahhh okay keep your game face on quinn!

So yeah tomorrow night is Ohm's exhibition and it seems like there will be alot of media reporting on the event. i will take pictures as well and share.

and saturday is another of his exhibitions so ill be going out to pataya for that as well... i have my picture in that one, so im excited. wonder if anybody will buy it? =P

okay thats it for now. keep you all posted with pix soon!

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Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
We're going to see Batman in about 30 mins!!!! Yeeeaaahhh! I didn't know it was playing in Imax though.. I wonder if they're showing it here in HK...
over 13 years ago
Photo 33405
I'm watching it this weekend... yay! yep, i'm glad to be back in HK, although it's so damn hot and humid... although i'm sure bkk is just as bad if not worse, huh? i went to bed club the last time i was in bkk with some girl friends but it was hard to get an empty bed. =P
over 13 years ago
Photo 37580
Lucky I'm catching Dark Knight Tomorrow. And then in iMax on Saturday heh,
over 13 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
enjoy bk. caught your canon tv ad the other day, nice work.
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