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Till next time HK!

Time has come for me to say... i must leave this kick ass island. filled with its great people, [well not so many but the ones i know are anyways.... =]  fun times, great experiences, and the life of being out here in hk. most deff somthing i wont forget and will plan to come back in the near future.

but dont think will be anytime soon... haha my whole year ahead of me seems to be pretty planned out now.

well nothing much to say but really want to keep this simple... i still need to pack up my damn crap... which some how seems to keep growing and growing from each country i visite. well i seem to lose a bit of socks and white T shirts... so it evens out? ehh


well Thank you AND for making my stay more interesting and meeting such great and wonderful friends and artist from the site. thank my home boyz here in hk {Darren, Ealr, Ethan, Birdy, Mattie, Lai Lai}  you al i must say we met and kept it together since ive been here and am happy to have known you all and plan on keeping in touch.  Thanks to my manaer Ohm for getting me here!

well i plan on keeping in touch with everyone.


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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
glad you enjoy hk. Safe travels.
over 13 years ago
Photo 23329
oh man ! u not going to be there for my club's grand opening next month ? shucks ! well wishing you all the best in whatever your do ... and where ever teh path takes you ...may you be a play girl , a jigalo, or....hehehee ok ill stop good luck buddy and do stop by to say hi every now and then ! cheers
over 13 years ago
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Aww, leaving already?? Good luck with everything and hope to see u again soon... Take care Quinn! :)
over 13 years ago
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We are citizens of the world =) Great meeting you and hanging out, although the time was brief. Keep with the COD4 =) Good luck with your travels and do keep in touch dude! $500/FAN...
over 13 years ago
Cool bro--best in all your adventures to come! Let's shoot some bb guns next time! peace
over 13 years ago
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The queen now has departed!!... Hey AnD, you all can really celebrate now. LOL j/k
over 13 years ago
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thanks everyone, haha really do miss it back there already. but right now im in bangkok. and boy do i tell you, its hard as hell to get some internet around here... miss people just speaking english... shoot, and i tohught hk locals were bad... =P next stop Taiwan! =] will be landing on the 20th this month. so ill try nd get in a few blogs while im here in bangkok and keep every one posted.
over 13 years ago
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OMG~! You mean, the next sto is TAIWAN?! Guess what? I am going back to Taipei tomorrow! Perhaps I could be your #1 fan in Taipei...hehehe... ;-P
over 13 years ago


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