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 hello all from downunder!


ha always thought would be cool to saythat. but anyways, my situation isnt as pleasant as it seems... i am suposta be down here to meet people for a casting interview for a j shoes world campaing, but turns out the instant i land i get a email from them saying he lost his passport in bkk... and im just like... ughh lost of words... because they were suposta be putting up for my stay and food. but now... im in central? living in a backpackers lodge... my god... for what im paying i can get a motel 6 with my own bathroom and bigger bed... so yeah... its like 6pm and there are no body in the streets. so for any one who gets this... this is a SOS lol and my laptop is about to die and ihave no outlet adapter.... so will do my best to get back on line....

and yes i will also be updating my korea trip blog... lol sorry ppl been busy... and yeah also kinda got into some videogames.... =/

Cheers Mate!


haha "down under" sounds dirty....

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you poor poor thing :p
over 13 years ago
hang in there dude.
over 13 years ago
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another episode of chinese gay drama!! *yawning* LMFAO
over 13 years ago


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