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okay time for a update....

Since my last entry alot has happend.... haha lets start off with i no longer feel that way. i guess it was the first week where you have to get use to a newplace again, and start to make new friends and all...

but the few friends im around here seem to be a very good group. few of the AnD artist as well,

Daren E Scott, and HK rocker chick Kiki ;D

hk is treating me well i guess, castings each day, i would have had 4jobs already by now... but one got cancled... =[   Damn you DBS bank... you guys are missing ōut =P

but with all that bad news, there was just good news to soon follow... i remember it was twodays after i found out about the clients cancling that i was barraged with numoris text msg's from my agency. with more castings and the news that i was confirmed for the Canon TVC, and then soon after, confirmed for the CK show which i will be doing tomorrow. have no clue where the location of the show will be, but its at TST station. i think its at the DKNY shop. or in the same mall... i feel pretty good of my self also, being the only asian guy in the whole show... haha so im holding it down for the asian models in the highfashion of the cockasion world...

must say that i do not like the Clubs Di, and Volar so much, just because of how small and cramp it can be... not my style... need to have room you know what i mean? i cant stand the end of the night when you go home smelling like smoke and cannot even get it out of your own hair... so thats still one of the disslikes about hk clubs... but there is a New Club called Qube+ and its really nice, must say its more private and not as crowded... also got the pleasure to meet Samantha Teoh and Rachel Tan. really cool... ohh and just this past weds i think it was... Chow yun fat came in for dinner, and to think the one night i leave my camera at home???!! haha well i didnt go up to him or anything, i mean he was there having dinner and wanted to give him his space. sure will meet him some day.

just lastnight Kiki took me to a Concert i forget the venue or the name of it, but it was sponsorred by AnD. and it was all metal bands, untill i hear some scratching, and a sick beat starting to play on the speakers... and the sound of lyrics flowing to the beat from the speakers... im standing there, well no longer standing there, i was moving to it just flowing... and what do you know. 24herbs bust out on stage... haha it was a great suprise to me, not knowing any of the bands and who was playing... all i remember was that i just discovered their profile on AnD and thought the music was really good and wanted to show my love to them on AnD. Next thing you know after the show i got my self a HAT, and a Poster from the guys with a group picture =D   and for all this i must thank kiki for taking me out and showing me around. so thanks kiki ;D    and was dope meeting the crew of 24H

but there was a casualty, well no one died... but while one of the bands were playing there was somecrazy MOB rush, and one of the guys got KO' and notuntill the song ended the whole crowed realised some one was hurt. the guy was all spazzed out and another lil kid was hurt. so in the end the show went on later on and it was a good show. =]

well i will be putting up some pictures soon and the video from the show =]

so things in hk seem to be going good, =] and i can only hope that the month of may will be even better for my own Birthday gift =]

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Glad to hear you're settling in and the locals are showing you around and getting you introduced to some interesting folks. Also good to hear that you're getting jobs (and some good ones, from the sounds of it.) So, you like to dance. I wonder if its a Gemini thing? I met my hubby on the dance floor of a local club years and years ago. It was a smoky little dive that had a kick ass covers band--Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin--Debbie DiMilo and the Fabulous Knobs (she was the singer and the band was all guys). I always wondered if those guys' knobs were so fabulous.;-0
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Nice man, glad things are working out for you. Sorry about them canceling that one deal on you though.
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