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Okay Here We go.... i think i skipped a week?

okay well lets see,


yes... thanks alot all for the suport. and for my outfits for manhunt, my friend sam and i are going to try another approach... see if we can get some sponsors! lol i mean this event is going to be on tv all over the world right? well im sure they would have tons of cloths they wouldnt mind lending us... =P

as for last week. i finished shooting my Canon Tvc, and it was a fun twodays...

but the part when we were out in the mountains.. man it was like out in the boonies of hk... almost into china i think. and it was like alot of graves there...  so i thought it would be cool to take some pictures... so i was not intentionally taking pictures of the graves... but they were kinda in the background but obvious what they were in the pictures... and then the stylst and hair guy was likeOMG! you cant do that!!! the ghost dont like that! and iw as like oh shit? haha then i was like okay srry and deleted the pictures.... and b4 this the stylist made me take off my protectioncord. "red string" around my neck... and with in 15min i had some really bad cramps.... and started to freak out.... haha and kept seeing some guy with a hoe walking out in the distance... and each time i would notice him walking he was always walking from left side of the field to the right... man scared the shit out of me... started asking every one if they SAW what iwas seeing... and they said WTF are you taking about?! and iwas so scared... and then they said JK! haha yeah we see him.... lol so we have some funny ppl working on set... then i asked them to let me put back on my protectioncord and weirdenough i felt better... no more pain? spooky shiiiit! haha but yeah i learned my lesson there... no more taking pictures in the nightclubs!!! haha

well as for pictures, my camera died early into the first day, so most of the pictures ill postup are from the second days shoot. i gotaget a hold of andrew the other model to get his pictures off his cam. had alot of good laughs also on set...


yeah you see what i see way in the back? i dont think this counts... i mean that just so happen to be there when i took my picture of the set... =P

lord of the dance!

lol jk there was alot of Action shots.... ;D

with blue screen i can fly ;D

yeah there are no stunt dubbles... we do our own stunts people ;D ands its pretty damn fun jumping from about 10ft plus onto a buncha mants =]

3... i say 3 video cameras.... eyes on you

dont ask me, i think i fellasleep....lol

me trying to be cute...

AHAHAHA andrew trying to be cute... you know what he looks like? wonder if anyone can see the same thing i see and guess it.... =P

ast Director... LOLITA C a fello ANDer! and the Stylest



and the monday of the week i did canon, i had a show for ck, it was really crazy. and i was so excited... i would call that my first real show... since the designers them self picked the models for this  show. and once i got to the job what do you know... im the only asian model there... so i should feel proud that im that asian..? or that they only picked me for teh job cuz they didnt want to seem raceist? lol well i like to feel proud of my self and beat out other models to get that job... =D


Also did a shoot for EASTWEST Magazine editorial... haha for all you ive told what i did... okay... and for you who dont know... well the name of it was called 7diff nights in a Hotel room...

and yea you see some crazy shit... lol... and i play the guy in his room watching tv.... Jerking off.... lmfao... well we took two seperate spreads... one is pretty normal and casual... the other is yeah... the Extreame! Ahahaha but its all cropped... and im not really doing the act peope... so dont worry about that. =]

Bust out the Bluesteel




WELL I SHALL BE BACK TO POST UP Part 2 of the canon pictures! so hope this will keep you all updated and give ya somthing to lookat for now =]


your Mr Ireland...


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Well, Quinn, it sounds like on the EastWest shoot you got to live out all of your kinkiest fantasies--and the photographer's and art director's, too. :-)
over 14 years ago
Photo 38281
HAHA check out the link then... http://www.manoftheforest.com/Manoftheforest/images/2_baby_orangutan.jpg http://www.bbc.co.uk/leicester/content/images/2006/04/11/twycross_babies_orang_2_448x470.jpg Ehh ehh???? am i right or am i right? hegot the whole baby eyes look and the hair going on... i mean hell even the finger act... hahaha
over 14 years ago
Photo 37580
Hehe cool. Looks like you had fun those few days, even if you were exhausted heh.
over 14 years ago


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