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My Bday and First Blog in some time....

First off i want to Thank Everybody for all the great Birthday wishes =D

i guess only thing in return i can give is to finally write a blog for all of you who keep on wondering if i was dead. nope, ive just been on a really long holiday... haha id say like almost 9weeks! bum status... well was with my mom allabout in china. also paid a visit to my pops who was out in chengdu.


well thats for another entry. past two nights been going out on alot of family dinners. and was all for my bday. nothing to crazy. or any big partying. and i did not get trashed. come reason ever since my trip in china. i guess i ended up drinking alot of fake booze which is really bad. and you dont get drunk... or you get really wasted and puke all over the place... so either could happen. and i must say ive experienced both. lol but some how i feel that was what build up my tolerance? ican drink alot now and still be fine and function normal. im just abit more well how yousay... ugh, if i was walkingdown the street and you saw me you would know i was AMERICAN. =P but yeah none the less was not trashed.

so lastnight went to dinner with the fam and some fancyshmancy kinda place food was not bad at all and was only 500nt = 15usd. and you got 7 course meal. lol so it was nice. plus a nice Chocolate Cake and with my fave on top. CHERRIES!!! O.O boy i have not had a cherry in some time. DID you know?!?!? that in China the hagendaz i went to on the sunday... INSTEAD OF A CHERRY THEY GAVE ME A FREAKING CHERRY TOMMATO! WTF is up with that?!?! i mean i dont know if they think its the same thing or what... but they cant fool me... i mean dude... wtf? right? anyways... back to my bday. so toook bunchagoofy pictures at dinner shall post thoes. and was late for the movie with my ABC hommies. they were all waiting for me at the Breeze center to watch terminator. so i ended up getting dropped off on the corner and was told to go to a direction where the main entrance was... so i Ran like two blocks. (i have not done any phisical activity in some time) to the entrance. only to fnd out its only one story building... and i was thinking Ah Crap. the highrise entrance where the theature is. was where i was dropped off -_-' finally after running through the mall i got to where i had to be. to see the place was PACKED! terminator was a full house! and felt damn good to sit down and just watch the movie. btw was damn good! alot of action. and the main girl who was the pilot of the warthogg was HHHHOOOOOOTTTTT =]

okay so after the movies just went to OPUS with my friends for some drinks, well a bottle of vodka. and had some chinese take out.  had a good'ol time! =]

Thank you all! friends and family!



(having problems uploadingpix with the loader) pix shall come in soon i didnt forget =P

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Great!! I wanna also get a bum status :-) Keep up to date for us, Quinn.
over 14 years ago
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happy birthday again.
over 14 years ago
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well happy late birthday and I still cant believe that cherry tomato I love cherries as a matter of fact I just came home from grocery shoping and bought a jar of cherries for my cherry cake and I love to have a tea with cherries in it any way its nice to know u had a great time
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