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MJ Tribute Dace Taiwan! and my Saturdaynight. =P

so last weekend all around taiwan people have organised the beatin/bounce dance tribute followed from the original idea from Stockholme. now i really wanted to go paint ball that day and then make it back for the dance... but yeah... i ended up getting trashed beyond my mind on saturdaynight... =X

so from the start of saturdaynight i did my own MJ tribute and went to a MJ party at my friends club the CockyBar. and my friend came down to meet with me. really cool guy, lol he is the embasador of Palau, so i got my self an invite to the country which ive never heard of untill i met the guy. and boy if you look at pictures of the small island nation of 20,000. it is beautiful! but yeah on with the story...  so my night starts off at the MJ party, have about 5 vodka cokes and 3beers and one tequila shot and a b52... and thats normal... soon after we go to primo to meet some friends and it was a quiet night for a Sat at Primo ended up drinking aloooot more.... and by the time the club shut down we went to KTV... and WTF i never go to ktv... coz i dont even sing... lol but as we get there wow caronas are on the table... i mean how can i say no to that? so after drinking two more beers... the thought of me mixing drinks all night never passed my mind. and soon what felt like only 20min at ktv... turned into me just waking up on my bed puzzled and confused as shit! lol not a clue to what time it is my phone has died.. and then i find out its 3pm! Fkng SHIT! i missed my day of paint balling =[ and then i thought about the MJ dance tribute... i didnt even bother to think twice about that... what i was most worried about was how the hell did i get home and trying to find out what happend? after passing out again untillabout 7pm soon wake up to go have dinner with some friends. and i notice some things and clues... haha and i my friend took me home in a cab and then i managed to make it into my room noproblem... but left a big mess for my auntie to wake up to in the morning! lol game over.... to have your auntie wake up and see what kinda mess you left.. lol lets just say its not going to sound good when news gets back to my mom....

so thenights not over. as i thought i was recovered from my terrible night that i never want to have happen again... right when we start to sit down and eat... i start to turn red again like i was getting drunk! and omg... i had a relaps! wow and it was the worse feeling ever... lol its reached that limit and the point to where you just SEE alchohal on tv or smell of it or just talk about it makes you sick... and wow... i felt bleh... so im trying to have a sober week this week to rest up... haha and DAMNIT I NEED A Buddy to keep me in CHECK next time! lol


So yes here are the vids of the MJ dance Vid from StockHolme and Taiwan!


Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfweRLIO0lM




Original Video Stockholme



And yes, this was my getup that saturdaynight... Did my tribute by drinking for my hommie mj!


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cool man !!!
almost 15 years ago
Photo 38281
Lol my hair isdamn long! i will go cut it today! damn this is going to be scary...
almost 15 years ago
Photo 80548
almost 15 years ago
Photo 38281
lol wait... pat... AnD should organize the dance in HK... CWB!!!
almost 15 years ago
Img 1004
aww hehe
almost 15 years ago
Img 1004
nice I like this one. You know it actually reminds me of Vanness Wu *drools* yeah hehe
almost 15 years ago
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niu B !
over 14 years ago


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