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For you all who are wondering... yes i made it to taiwan okay =]

Hey everybody!

okay yes i know i have a serious problem with blogging now... and that i blog once every fullmoon or so... and when i do... i end up writing a damn book... but atleast i have a shit loads of pictures.... =P

but i been feeling like shit and really lazy these past weeks... must say i think its to do with not going to the gym for a month now maybe...

well im going to try and keep this oneshort, and try and getback into the AND zone and post a few more.

so where to begin...? well i guess i left off half way in bangkok... so yes... thailand was indeed a good and relax time, the gallery for ohm was really great also and i had fun. esp when we spend like every otherday bowling... and watching movies. gald i watched most the movies there in thailand cuz hell taiwan prices are just as much as it is back in the states... wtf is up with that? damn previous president seriously fked shit up for this country where the econemy is shit...  well ill get back to that later on...

also got the chance to meet a AnD member who was in bkk for holiday. Lexie. really nice gal =] she joined ohm and i at the bowling alley in paragon... to bad she didnt play coz she was really... how you say? not cordinated enough? lol sorry lex =P but we did just walk around paragon and took her to mbk, and showed her ohms exhibition pictures. so it was always nice meeting up with and members =]

so bangkok also had its goods and then its bad. some thin really bad came up and dont know wtf to think anymore.... i guess its all what i make of whatsleft.

so arrived in taiwan on the 20th, {sunday} right after the taiphoon passed, thankgoodness... ppl say that was a big one... so yeah it was nice getting to taiwan. good to see family, and i must say food is the shiznits.... but due to my schedual i dont eat all the right meals at te right time, so i end up eatint like brunch if im lucky... and lunch? wats that... ? but then dinner i would always get somting good, or even have two dinners at time. have so many family and family friends wanting to take me out for dinner... and wow its afeeling of the way they treat me when they all see me, to cause them to have to take me out for dinner.... or even lunch. but how can i say no? the food is so good! and i mean its safe to say i am saving alot more money here in taiwan than from hk =P

but on that hand nothing from my experience can beat hk... its just the place where i feel athome. feel as alot of my good friends are all from hk now. cant say the same about most my friends back home as it seems once i gotinto this industry things changed... dont know what or why... but i guess it just did, for the better or for the worse. am sad to say it. and wtf some sad ass song started playing in my playlist while writing this paragraph.... lmfao....

Uncle D, Jess, Lai Lai, me, Ethan - AnD power!

Jeff, Dirty Birdy, Me, Mattie

Me, Lai x2, Earl manchester, Ana... wtf is your nickname??? haha

P x2? aka- Pierce, Me "looking slick" ;], Lai Lai!, Daren in his speed suit, And Birdy the giant on ice!

anyways... so ive been in taiwan for alittle bit over a week now... and i must say.... its costing me alot more mney to get around because i have no idea how the mtr works... and there are no  stations within walking distance for me... and hell everything is in chinese... lol i need to learn more... but i must say my manderin has improved alot already. so lastfridaynight, was the first night out for me, ive been pretty busy all week with castings... and omg i dont know how well im going to work here... i see the castings im going on... and 80% of the time they are for  catalogs... and once you get to these castings clients give you the clothes and ask you to do natural poseing... and im like wtf.... so i did like a few that i thought were natural.... then i see other guys doing their pose... and let me tell you its like 20 of the gayest shit poses ever.... at least... but im sorry shit im not fake enough to be doing them kinda poses... just not my thing. ehhhhhhh but in good news i got my first tvc also on friday, for SonyEricson. i play some 30year old businessman... haha and they cut my hair! lol look like a japanese hapa in deed... =] but i look older some say? ;D

so to get back to the fridaynight with my first night out, yeah i went out to this club  called plush, and by all means i have never gone to any other clubs intaiwan yet, but THAT BY FAR IS THE WORSE CLUB EVER... girls were ugly, and nobody knew how to dance... well besides this one gay guy who was tearing up the dancefloor. props to him... but then girls there were bleh... haha not a prety crowd... srry if im being shallow... maybe i just been around models to much? even that i think models can be even more ugly than anyone else... also had to get use to paying for my own drink... ended up buying my friends a drink and she was the one telling me she could get drinks from te owner... lol so i did a little research on line, and found out plush is without a doubt the worse club in taiwan... haha reviews said everything i said... shit music, crowd is lame, and yeah dj's suck.... 

after that whole ordeal... made me miss hk even more, and just all my friends. with my friends i dont even have to be out partying to have a good time. was just the presence of good people. eh... maybe i just dont know anyone really here thats why its like this... or maybe i just dont wnatto bother.... sooner or later i will need to make an attempt... as ill be here for 5months...

and get this JT..... MY COD4 IS NOLONGER WORKNIG!!!! I DONT KNOW WTF IS GOING ON! so i Down Graded to DoD source.... =[ so yeah i spend hours on end playing an endless games with no upgrades or ranks to accomplish anything.... so its just playing the same shit over and over again.... gah....

well looks like i just wrote another book, ehh ill cut it here and get some pix in for yall.

till next time... lol shit hope it wont be that long...


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lol this is weird how people keep thinking im from the country that im working in all the time. first i was thai? then Singaporian, and now canto... hahahaha well sorry for the mix up angelc but yeah for the record.... Every one please Note! my mother is from Taiwan =] and pops is from the States. and thanks silky. kinda weird to have hair so short thoough =/
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dude,i'll get some friends to take care of u,u want?
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A picture is worth a thousand words!
about 13 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Are you sure this one is still alive?
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My nick name was lucy wasnt it? hahaha
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