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okay my dear friends and All AnDers...

i dont know if im the only one who has been receiving emails talking about who is a banker and they want to pretty much have you help them transfer a shit load of money... to cut this short... read my email and you will understand...

these are nigerians who literally spend their days... in the fucking LOCAL library sending out emails like this and hacking peoples email and sending out virus's... and thats how they get more list of emails and so on the chain never ends... these fucks dont give a shit about you or anyone in the world... as long as they are earning their 2$ an hour...

i had an experience once with this. fell for it first step... and then i caught on really fast... next thing you know i was overly obsessed with this shit and did as much research as i could and tryed to do what ever i could to turn the tables and get them. but soon learned you have no power when shit like this is being done over the internet and over seas... all you can do is be aware and know what is going on. just be smart and keep your computer firewall on, and dont give out any important info over the internet. PROTECT YOUR SELF PEOPLE!

was chatting with who i thought was ohm on MSN some time lastmonth, soon to find out that the person behind the keyboard was not him and i had a feeling it was not. then i asked the questions, and then theanswers came... she was not ashamed ofwhat she was doing and told me why she is doing it... for 2 fucking $ a hour... just Because the guy gave her a email add and to use that... and from this is all comming from Ohms MSN so forsure his ass got HACKED... AHAHA and i call him that instant telling him wtf is going on and if he was aware of this... he had no freaking clue... so then the nigerian told me she can hack me, and just i watch and see what happend. and i was just like fuck this shit... and shut off my computer... LOL my firewall wasnt anything great... i have freaking AVG Free Edition... LOL...

so yeah... it just fcking pisses me off when i see these ppl try to jack and screw over others...

so just WATCH out on AnD from Suspicious Profiles!

Dear Friend,

I know you will be surprise to receive my mail since we have neither seen nor met before. Well, let me start first introducing myself to you. I am Kingsely Onuorah, the only Son of late Mr & Mrs. Onuorah Eziaglu. My father was assassinated on his way to his office and since the sudden assassination of my beloved father I have been leaving in terrible fear, couple with the political crisis here in my country cote d'ivore. I am planing to travel out of the country, that is why I have decided to contact you to help me contact the bank for the transfer of the money my father deposited the sum of $3.5 million US dollar in a bank here before his sudden assassination. I will give you more information as soon as you guarantee me that you will treat me honestly during the investment of this money in your country.

Dear, as you can see this money is my hope of survival and I am entrusting this money on you with faith and believe that you will treat me in good faith during my stay in your country. I will like you to also assure me that you will honestly manage this money for me in the business which the money will be invested, as soon as you give me this guarantee I will then give you all the necessary details concerning this money which will enable you contact the bank on my behalf shall send you the document the bank issue to my late father when he made the deposit in the bank and my picture for you to see me and I will also like you to send me your picture for more trust and confidence.

This money was in fix deposit account. We cannot withdraw from the money till the bank transfer the money to your account, then we can withdraw from the money. You are the one to take care of any expenses that the bank will requires for the transfer and i will offer you 20% out of the total amount the will transfer into your account for the expenses and your help to see that the money is transfer into your account. Again you will provide an foreign account where the bank will transfer the money and your telephone number for easy communication, once more your personal id card for me to trust you because this money is the only hope of my life. contact me through my private mail address : onuorahkingsely@yahoo.fr  .



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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Gosh, I didn't know they were hijacking people's instant messaging accounts and posing as the owners. That is pretty freaking serious. Glad you discovered what was going on before you disclosed any sensitive info that they could use to screw you over financially. I think everyone should also be careful what personal info they give out on AnD. This is an open internet site. As far as I know, anyone who wants to set up a fan account can do so. No one should ever be giving out email or overly specific personal info (like address of where you live, the name of the business you work for, photos of your children, etc.), because you never know who's cruising the site and what they might do with that info. Once given out on the internet, it has about the same half-life as plutonium (oh, let's say, 100,000 years). Ditto with suggestive "amateur" photos (I think you all know what I mean here). What seemed funny or sexy at 17 or 20 may come back to bite you in the butt big time when you're 25 or 35 and trying to get a job. This stuff never goes away, never, and potential bosses always seem to have no trouble finding it, even years after you totally forgot about it. Hell, even telling people at work you are a member of AnD can get you into trouble and have people in management scrutinizing your every move. Sad, but true, it just happened to me last week.
over 14 years ago
Photo 37580
They always use that same line...I'm the son/daughter of some rich guy please help me...stupid
over 14 years ago
Photo 38281
leslie you got in trouble for AnD at work??? whaaaa? and yeah cant stand these people.
over 14 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Yeah. Where I work (and live), people are pretty conservative. Clearly, I don't dare show them what a lot of the artists are up to on AnD, especially some of the photographers. They just wouldn't get it. I invited a few of my work friends to check out my blogs on Leslie Cheung (real clean family fun, there). But, of course, they surfed around a bit and saw some other things that they weren't too happy about. Because I spent so many years studying art history and being around artists, I see this stuff with a very different eye than the general public. The flap over Ohm's work really opened my eyes to that fact. A lot of contemporary art can really be in your face and try and get under your skin, but for a reason. It is trying to tease out that reason and what is going on inside of me and my reactions, thoughts, feelings, etc., that is what a lot of contemporary art is about. Sometimes it uses some really confrontational imagery to do this. This is where the general public and the art world often part company. I don't work in a creative field. The people I work with do not frequent art museums, let along galleries showing this type of contemporary art (not sure there is any gallery in the state of North Carolina that does, anyway). I've always been a big city girl who thrived on cutting edge art. So I feel like AnD is something of an oasis in the desert . Before AnD, I got to a big city with galleries and major art museums on average once a year. Then I would go on this art orgy for the time I was there, before going home and having to wait another year for a direct art fix. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I absolutely love about NC, but the contemporary art scene isn't one of them. So, yeah, a lot of people around here would have trouble with AnD. The funny thing is, the people who are objecting to it aren't moral majority types, no they are politically progressive, well educated, but they just can't figure out what to do with the more confrontational art works, so their reaction to it is: "this makes me uncomfortable, the imagery is in my face and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it" and so they lump it into handy categories that deny its artistic value.
over 14 years ago
Photo 38281
ahh dan the man, you are too funny...
over 14 years ago


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