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Alive in Singapore. but for how long???

Hey every one... yeah i been dead for some time now. and next thing i know it its been like a month since i last blogged...

twards the last month of my stay in taiwan was alot of moving around after i had to move out of my uncles so i was staying at my friends. and just didnt unpack much at all... so lap top and many other things were all packed away just waiting for the date for me to leave taiwan. was a hassle coz there was no real schedual to when iwould be leaving...

well shall be posting in few seperate blogs soon.

just wanted to say that i made it back to sg now. and its just as hot as it was when i left it in march... lolcant stand it...

also the phone bill is really hitting me there... you know they charge for incoming calls as well??? how cheap is that?! so whack...

so i spent like 50SGD already and i been here for twodays...

am bored out of my mind. good thing henry gave me his number while i was still back in taiwan. so i was able to give him a call up. coz i dont even have internet in my own apartment!... or a tv... lol or anything else besides the matress i sleep on... =x

gota steal my wifi from the neighbores when they awayke and once they sleep they turn off the internet... lol... who does that? but anways. gota thank henry for coming out to meet with me and just to hang out. was cool to have some company.

so then i asked him whats up for newyears... and he asked me the same... lol so im going to be asking everyone else... whats going on for newyears in sg? any fireworks? or what?

otherwise i think i will just be hitting the gym the next morning and the night b4... need to get backinto shape...


well i need a nap. talk to yall later.


Quinn Signing out!



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Welcome back to SG...get back in shape dont go drinking hehe. Well thats what I'll be doin anyway.
almost 13 years ago
Hey Quinn, nice to hear from you. Singapore is pretty fun but I guess its a little sterile for me. I like HK coz its rough and dirty ! Take care dude.
almost 13 years ago
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OMG! LOL YOU SERIOUS?! PPL DO THAT IN AMERICA! wtf... they trying to save energy??? soooo lameeeeee gosh!
almost 13 years ago
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Dunno, but I do know a few neighbors do it. Don't see the point...but then I leave my computer on all day everyday too so guess...I'm weird?
almost 13 years ago
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lol by all means we are the normal "LAZY" ones... who dont like to bother with slow start up times so we can get on and surf AnD the instant we get home! ;D
almost 13 years ago


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