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60/09 adidas event party!


Okay these next few blogs are a bit late... been busy past week n half.

but this i guess was the 60th anniversary party for adidas. and i tell you it was prolly the biggest event/party/production of the year. SG was the base for the party, and they linked live viea WEB Cams to Jakarta, KL, Manila, and Bkk. so it was 5 countires partying it up at teh same time! really bad ass...

aside from the fashion show, there was also a live band... didnt get to seewho it was since i was backstage more than half the time.... but i did manage to sneak out around the security to getinto the party to smuggle some popcorn and redbull back stage... haha just like it is in zoolander... male models... we have access into the most secured places ;]

but yeah was really cool coz as we walked out for our portion of the show. it was like a dance off sort of... lol and they had me wearing the most G'ed up out fit! lol and then my friend Dhani went up to beat box. and i must say he is damn good at what he does. killed it out there... best in Asia thats forsure. so yeah after dancing up on stage and sweating my ass off along with the other models... the after party was quite nice. exept for the part where they ran out of beer? whaaa? O.O also as i was leaving saw edisons arrival with all his security around him... and thought vaness showed up also. but i had left b4 that,

this blog was ment for yesterday, but my internet died on me... and i could not upload my pictures as they were to big... any one know how to change the file size? =/


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Photo 37580
Sounds like a fun event.
over 12 years ago
Photo 41406
"any one know how to change the file size?" You need me to teach you photoshop basics ? =)
over 12 years ago
Photo 37580
oh yeah forgot ----uh what Shoko said. heh.
over 12 years ago
Photo 38281
lol i dont even have photo shop yo! only my video games on my comp... if i had photoshop then id have no room for my games! =P and on photobucket dont i gota upload one by one?
over 12 years ago
Photo 41406
Ok try photophant, small freeware to resize easily pictures : http://asia.cnet.com/downloads/pc/swinfo/0,39000587,50002375r-39578299s,00.htm
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