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Happy Birthday MaMa!

Today is our best best sister Josie Ho aka MaMa's birthday. Born in boxing day means she is a gift from the mighty GOD, no doubt about it! She makes the music industry beautiful, cuz she keep doing her music against the main stream... Respect! She makes our friend circle tight. She have a really really good heart, i think she is one of the most nice lady in the world... Conroy u r a lucky guy! haha... Anyway gonna celebrate with her tonight! At last... Happy Birthday MaMa!!! Tonight's party is gonna be MAD!!!

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happy birthday to Josie! she is really cool!
over 15 years ago
Josieho 3d josieho
Bro! You PJ and Tung Tung's freakin "Fa Sung" man! Thank you for your warm words! OUr group of friends are really tight, no doubt! That's why we make everything work! Go Go Go! Add oil la 24 herbs! Guys, cheer on for 24 herbs too, they are up for a nomination on 903 chit chart awards! Btw, I never got that award, it's some serious music shit, congratulations! Peace Mama
over 15 years ago
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Happy Birthday Josie - you are definitely super special and wish you continued success, love and happiness. ;)
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