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Taste 24'廿四品味'

1500 raining again...! Damn it! Makes me so damn lazy. I washed the cloths yesterday but i think i need to wash it again...!  Last Saturday was pretty good, filming our cooking program with Daniel (http://www.alivenotdead.com/daniel) It was his first time taste Eddie Oliver's cooking art! We were all surprised by the Chilled Crab with a vinnagrete dressing! (香料凍蟹)Unbelievable! Just no any fucking way can eat this one at someone's house not in restaurant.Me and Eddie started filming at 3pm that day, we shop four different place like wet market at Wan Chi to buy lobsters,jumpo scrimps, four different kinds of fish to make the soup base, shellfish, scallops... ... ... all fresh! So i think u can imagine how good was it! The green salad was the best i never try in my whole life, bacon from Italy cut in little pieces with parmesan  cheese and nuts. Served with source(i don't know how to wrote in English, it's heaven!) Then chickens from the oven, always good. Spaghetti with different kinds of Japanese fish (balls?) Damn sun! I love u Eddie!

And recently we crazy about ping pong! Kit never lose one game until now, he is good! Dan played with us that night too but he sucks! hahahaahaha!

Anyway i will post the program up when i finish edit. Here is the trailer. Enjoy!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NpmMwKU7n3g

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do you get to eat or you just have to film them eating? :-P
about 16 years ago
I eat too of course!
about 16 years ago
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Yum, this is making me hungry... Can't wait to see the show!
about 16 years ago
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yo !睇到我好肚餓喎!點搞ar ?我呢度得白飯.公仔面.咖哩.小龍蝦.麥記...!我好肚餓ar !
about 16 years ago



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