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Start all over again!

Alright, first of all thanks for every A'n'D family brothers and sisters left a comments to me about my crash hard drive blog. Thank U Thank U Thank U... I smell u LOVE!

Unfortunately even Eddie aka Dor Yuk aka head chef aka mac master can't fixed it for me! We spend over 5 hours try to save the data but still can't work out so i decided start all over again!

Which means i need to start from zero, capture all the footage again and re-cut all the episodes!

I don't know y but somehow i feel happy about my decision, i feel released! Do you know what i means? Not heavy anymore now. This afternoon i was so unhappy and stress out, 24herbs brothers all feel me cuz they saw some of the cuts they think perfect already! They know how long it takes, it makes me stress out until now!

Anyway no more heavy in my head but in my hands, cuz tomorrow i'll bring my Mac to Causeway Bay to re-install  all the programs again and it will be a very funny scene  a guy carrying a iMAC taking MTR.

Start all over again... i mean it!

Good Night!


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hey, make sure you keep an eye on those mac technicians! they may keep a copy of your photos and put them on the net! :-O
about 16 years ago
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Sorry to hear about your hard drive crash and all the work that you're losing. :( I always have terrible luck with computers, so I can sympathize... Good luck!
about 16 years ago
oh no poor phat. This is life man...but the good thing about your case is that you are able to start all over again. How many times in life hav we screwed up and there's no chance to rewrite history. Best of Luck !
about 16 years ago



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