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No country for old man VS 盧海鵬!

It's been a busy March... After  Bjoke,Josie Glam Trash live,Chinese U concert and Incubus. Finally can have time to go see this movie, No country for old men![](/attachments/2008/03/34654_200803121931411.thumb.jpg) Two words...Fucking Awesome! I've been Coen brothers 高安兄弟's die hard fan since Fargo.

 Honestly i felt little disappoint about "The Man Who Wasn't There" but 'No Country  For Old Man' OH MY GOD! U have to see it!

The funny thing is when we watched it,miss yellow asking me that: Do u think this guy looks like 盧海鵬? wakakakakakakaak....funny as fuck man! And honestly i do think he looks like 盧海鵬!

p.s. I wish someone can teach me how to type Chinese in Mac, so i can wrote some more!

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Kit24herbs ea kitleung
快 d 謝比我 la............................
about 16 years ago
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that was such an awesome film!! i was trembling thru out the whole time cuz i was so happy that the Coen brothers return with such a strong film... each dialog was so beautifully crafted (i wondered how long it took them to write the script? my favorite line was when Josh Brolin said, "tell my mama i love her." "but your mama is dead." "hell, i'll just have to tell her myself then." who on earth can think of lines like this if not genius!? Javier Bardem, damn that man was incredible... the best villain this year for sure! and Tommy Lee Jones!! hey i'll email you how to download some chinese software to type in mac... later when i take a break from editing :P xo
about 16 years ago
dope film! I didn't want it to end!
about 16 years ago
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ahahahaha. lo hoi pang. that is funny dude!! yes, there is some resemblance now you mention it...
about 16 years ago
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Haha that's funny. On a Mac...you can use pin ying. System Preference to the International (icon looks like a flag). Then you can pick which language you want. A little flat will appear on your top right corner of your screen. Everytime you want to change launguage, just click on it and you can choose...English, simplified chinese, traditional chinese...But it is hard to do pin ying sometimes!
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