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Passed the 600 fans! And thus a new video!


We passed the 600 fans!

Well to be exact we are at 641!

Which is amazing! And changes are already happening! So keep it coming! And help us support indie filmmaking in Belgium by gathering as many fans on www.facebook.com/Reiki


And here is a bonus video of all the Reiki Bloopers!


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Belgium: Country of Soccer


Now this is what I call the final proof that Belgium really sucks at soccer.

(Of course their results are a proof on it's own already)

This is from a match from yesterday. Now check the slow-motion of how the player's leg is bending.






Oh, well, we still have the beer and chocolates!

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More than 500 fans and Reiki The Musical


We have reached more than 500 FANS!

Thank you all!

And here is a bonus video due to all your efforts!

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, the story is under the video of the last week happenings!

During the shoot, our actors decided to show their singing talents in moments of stress, craziness and other funky stuff.

This is an extra feature exclusive to all you great fans!

And keep spreading the word! You guys are making a huge change in B...Read more

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Alive Not Dead, artists and community, WE NEED YOUR HELP!


AnD, Artists and everyone, we need your help!


As you all know during the past year, I've been making the first action-fantasy feature film from Belgium : Reiki The Movie. http://imdb.com/title/tt1201649/

It was shot for 6000 dollars on a record of 10 days, which is nothing if you see that it has several locations and martial arts scenes.

Now, we had a distributor that optioned the movie. Sev...Read more

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Yes it exists!

Yes it's as they say in the show!

Yes, it's AMAZING!!!!!


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Yesterday I told in my blog that I was going to tell about a new project I have and here it is:


Are you tired of the usual showreels? Are you an actor looking for a better way to promote yourself?

Then this is for you!

Dream Journey Studios is presenting a new product called Audition-now, instead of the usual montage, with Audition-Now, we will re-enact scenes from famous movies, where you'll be acting, with another actor, on a small set, and perform that scene in your o...Read more

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Small updates and how is everybody doing?


Hi all,

first of all, how is everybody doing? All the folks at AnD that I've talked to over the years/months?

It's definitly been a while, because of work and busy schedule, but still, I' think about you guys and am wondering how all of you are.

Now, Reiki as you all know is completed. And we are struggeling and fighting for distribution, we already have two official selections at two festivals. But the distribution is just a matter of waiting, and I'll receive a fina...Read more

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Thank you for the birthday wishes AnD!



Thanks a lot to all the AnD folks who wished me an happy birthday!

You guys are great!

Again thank you so much folks!


Really touched me!

And a special thanks to all these people here under:



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Funny Pictures


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After reading an article of twitter on etchy's page I decided to try out the site.


and here is my page: https://twitter.com/p_chaves


thing is, I don't understand a thing.

anyone care to explain?





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