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Winter is here. #gent #ghent

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Herr is a still from #9lives a new #musicvideo by @thecheekofher. One of her best numbers. Shot on #canon and #samyang cine lenses. Animation on #toonboom #harmony. Stay tuned for more.

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So for the Malin music video we used a #sonya7sii for the shoot with #samyang #cine #lenses. We shot in #4k and edited in premiere to then grade everything in #davinciresolve. What a pleasure it was. The a7sii grades beautifully. No grain, you can push the footage pretty far and still have a great picture. I love it. #musicvideo #malin #adobepremiere #grading #editing

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So now I have two. #2015 #2015recap

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Spring baby means new born in the summer. Lots of sleepless nights, sweating due to the heat and many trips to parks. Air conditioning was a life saver. #2015 #2015recap

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2015 wasn't only the birth of Mabel but also my marriage proposal to @turidrenske. Which couldn't have gone more perfectly. And yes,, we have something to plan for 2016. #2015recap #2015 #2016

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Our first coffee as parents. We both got a cappuccino while Mabel got a shot of milk. #2015 #2015recap

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A new adventure started: Our first walk outside as parents. #2015recap #2015

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And then she finally arrived. On May 6, 2015, our little Mabel Eloïse was born. #2015 #2015recap

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Right before leaving for our last date before the birth. We went to the House of Eliott. #2015recap #2015

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November 19, 2007

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