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Specially for Alive not Dead the trailer of my last film!


Here is the trailer from my last short film.

And I decided to release it specially on AnD!

And will it will stay here! No youtube and shit. Exclusively AnD!


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Work and All that Jazz!


Yesterday after a great day on a studio, where I had to teach a group how to make films, I was dead tired, and went I went home I watched one great movie!


Bob Fosse rules! It's a great classic, of course it depends if you like musicals, but god, the last scene, the music, the set, the costumes area amazing!

Here is the final scene, enjoy it as much as I do:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNcl...Read more

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The begin credits


Well, the music for the trailer is not ready yet,

so until then, I'm showing you today the begin credits of the film,

I'm no pro in effects and others since I'm just a lazy director, so be honest and tell me what you think about those begin credits! If they suck like hell just go ahead and tell me!

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Rest In Peace Heath

I'm shocked,

just heard that Heath Ledger died a few hours ago!

Quoting the NYPost:


January 22, 2008 -- Actor Heath Ledger was found dead today in his Broome Street apartment, apparently from a drug overdose.Ledger, 28, was well known for his role in "Brokeback Mountain," and he stars in the upcoming "The Dark Knight" Batman movie as the Joker.He split last year from wife, Michelle Williams, with whom he has a daughter, Matilda. When he was found this afternoon, pills were strewn a...Read more

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Not much to do actually, and definitly not in the mood,

been writing whole day and that's more than enough. I wish my hands could type at the speed of my thoughts, but unfortunatly I'm not that lucky. And then I always keep forgetting ideas! Blame the toothfairy for that one though, I busted her one time at one of her visits and she told me she would grant me a wish: "a huge penis or a great memory", I never seem to remember what I chose...


I want to finish my last film (The Mirror) but ...Read more

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Okay I'm bored!

I'm still waiting for the music from the composer to finish to post on "The Mirror" and waiting for the feature "39" to get made.

So I made a quick video lately about..... TADAAAAAAA: BEER!

I live in Belgium so it's only normal to speak about that beverage since it originates from here! Hurray!

Anyway, enjoy the video.


P.S: I know I suck as a host!


love and peace,






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Happy New Year all!

Okay, I know it's a little late but I've been busy as hell!

So here goes: happy new year all!

Lots of love, glory, fun and party!

This is going to be a quick ass year!

The upcoming feature "39" is coming closer! Until now we got a cool cas that gets better and better! And it will definitly be a flick that will appeal to the asian audience!

I'll also try to update my blog a little more often with some videos and photos!

Take care all,



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Saturday morning we finally wrapped up the short film "The Mirror". I can say that I'm really happy it's over! We had a lot of bad luck and bad omens on this shoot but we managed to pull it off just fine! Some lamps exploding, a broken battery, a bad camera, bad weather,....

I was in all possible positions! As you can see in the pictures!

Coolest scene though was on friday, when we were shooting outside, we didn't had a crane, so I had to stand outside on the roof of the house where we were shooting.Read more

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The Mirror.. continued

After 5 days of shooting I can say that... we are ONE day behind schedule.

A lot of bad luck happened, a car accident, a light blowing up, .. and those are just a few.

Yesterday we were actually 2 days behind schedule but we worked for 19 hours! And managed to be one day behind! Which we will recover TODAY!

I'll add some new pictures later on!

Until then,

Take care all!


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Well, yesterday I started shooting a new short film "The Mirror", ( http://www.themirrorshortfilm.com)

I just added some production pictures under the picture section!

(edit: I added new pictures!)


Pe...Read more

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