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She's crazy about her Mommy and proves it by hugging her tightly. Which makes me a bit jealous 😉 #baby #mommy

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Ooooooh yeaaah. #pasteldenata #sweets #Gent

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I dunno if I should take another step.. Or not..

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I can't wait for this. @imagecomics Meet Mac--fearless elder and forerunner. Delivering papers is about to get weird. Brand new series PAPER GIRLS comes out 10/7! #briankvaughan #cliffchiang

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In our garden in Kent. #devilchild #kent #uk

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Oh #England you so pretty.

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Finishing the #storyboards for the music video for @spinrockssocks. It's gonna be awesome. #musicvideo #toonboom #bitchslappingwithkeyboards

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4am and almost done with the video #summertimebum by #jacktempchin time flies way to fast when focused on editing. @blueelan #blueelan #musicvideo #motion5

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A few more minutes until the magic hour and the final shot of #summertimebum #jacktempchin #blueelanrecords #musicvideo #hammock #sunset

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