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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqLsxTldA08







It's a fake one!










can't a filmmaker have some fun?



Seriously: it's a fake one since I used the Soundtrack from Infernal Affairs, but a real one will appear soon!


Also: there ...Read more

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Reiki - After Shoot Blog


So here we go for a new pimped out blog of Reiki The Movie!


As you guys know the shoot is done! And the reshoot is scheduled for Oct. 4th!

So how did the shoot go!

First problem: I had to play Ant and we had to switch the role of Kino and Ant, because the actress playing Kino couldn't be available to shoot the whole scenes. Meaning: there goes Pedro to the hairdresser to pimp himself as Reno from Final Fantasy, (or take the words of Zohan: "I got the Avalon!") all pimped out a...Read more

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Reiki Production Pictures & Blooper!


New pictures of Reiki The Movie shoot in my gallery!




Also, there are new videos on the site www.reikithemovie.com


Also a great video of a major blooper:





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Preview still of Reiki The Movie





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Some medieval clothes!




Some clothes for the 1603 scene.


<...Read more

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Specially for AnD: The first page of the comic


Here is the pencil draft of the first comic book page!

Done by the amazing talented Reni Wong


Go congratulate Reni!!!!! :-)

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The sword Reiki


Here is it, the Reiki Sword

The pic was taken with the cam from the laptop so forgive the quality!

But you can see how big and nasty katana it is! :D

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Reiki - The Movie - Pre-sale package

It isn’t always easy to come up with a good film, specially when your challenge is to make a low-budget martial-arts fantasy film with less than 10.000$ and keep the quality of an blockbuster. And that's the challenge we are trying to do. With Portuguese roots and an education in New York, Pedro is on the brink of doing so. Although the budget is relatively small, Chaves is for sure he can succeed his goal.

"When Robert Rodriguez made "Il Mariachi", he didn’t have much more then 10.000$, but he ...Read more

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Thanks for all your visits and support AliveNotDead!


Too bad, I don't know who was my 25.000 viewer! :p

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New books specially for filmmakers and film lovers!


Check this out, today I got a package with some amazing books.

What makes them amazing? Well, those books are film books, and to be more exact they are books with production pictures, storyboards, interviews and full screenplay!

So here they are:

First one: The Dark Knight! Harcover more than 200 pages!

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November 19, 2007

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