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Just finished #huck #1 from #markmillar and #rafaelalbuquerque. Story of a superhero in a small village performing one deed each day. This is so gonna be comic of the year. #imagecomics #comic #graphicnovel #story #image #action #superhero #hero

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Paper Girls 2 was everything I expected and more. The story and genre is finally taking shape. It does give a Stephen King set in Maine kinda vibe. Definitely worth reading. As for the art and coloring, both are perfect and fit the story perfectly. #papergirls #image #imagecomics #briankvaughan #cliffchiang #mattwilson #comics #graphicnovel #story #comic

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My new motivator. #bubblehead #fallout #fallout4

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DO NOT BUY a @micuna_com chair. First you get a chair with different accessories than in the pictures on the site. The excuse of micuna is that they changed their models during the years but don't update the pictures on their site. So we just gotta deal with it. The belt, which is also different than the one on the site is a danger for children as it cut our daughter, and last but not least, STAINS do not come out of the chair. Which is scandalous for such an expensive chair. Not even one week old and it has stains. Orange ones all around the chair. As for their s...Read more

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Gevonden in #Gent centrum. Nieuwe standbeeld in de plaats van een Mariabeeldje. #gent #ghent #vlaanderen #art

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Serious stuff is happening. So serious that Mabel gives us The Rock's eyebrow raise. #sollybaby #baby #petitbateau

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Zwanen op het kraanlei. #gent #ghent

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Boum! Here it is.

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Bye bye hair.

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engagedgiveaway @engagednl @inmaculada__garcia

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November 19, 2007

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