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Reiki The Movie - The Fighting Choreography Day 1


Hi all,

Since there are a lot of action scenes in this film, we have to work out a nice choreography with the actors!

Meaning we have to teach them how to handle swords, punches, kicks and so on.

So yesterday, was the first practice day of the fighting choreography, so that when we start shooting everything goes smoothly as a charm.

And of course I tapped the whole thing and did a small "montage" of it!

Keep in mind that some of those actors do...Read more

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Damnit, then I'm quitting too!



since everybody seems to quit everything today, then screw this I'm quitting "filmmaking", it's over, no more directing from me, no more "39", no more "Reiki", screw this.

It sucks, there is no future in that anyway, I'm tired to handle that camera, to write for days and nights, to storyboard while I can't even draw, what the hell was I thinking!

Well, thank you Pat, you opened my eyes, I'm quitting, and I found my new path!

I&...Read more

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Reiki The Movie - Part 4 - Locations


Every film needs amazing locations, locations that will get the audience to dream, to believe in your film and follow the characters in their adventure.

Now, since Reiki is a 100% low budget film, finding the locations for an action/fantasy film is far from easy!

But where there is will there is belief! And we managed to find some great locations!

First of all we found the locations for the "prese...Read more

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Poster of Reiki The Movie



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Reiki The Movie - Part 3 - Start up!

Before the start of every shoot,

every production gets all the actors together for a first scrīpt reading and meeting,

again, I do things a different way, I get the cast and crew together, but instead of being in front of a scrīpt I put them in front of a few glasses of beer!

Very important before a shoot is to have your cast and crew know each other and enjoy each other! So that we can all have a blast during the shooting.

Anouk, Yannick and Stephanie could be there but they will next time...Read more

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Crazy week!

Waw, it definitly has been a crazy week.

First of all, I want to thank the honor of being an Official Artist on AnD, a site that I love since I arrived.

Now, the auditions for Reiki - The Moviestarted, and we got amazing actors and actresses, although we are still missing some characters.

But it was pretty funny, I'm know to make the weirdest auditions ever, and for that one I took one of my favorite friends and co-judge along: Simon!

Read more

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Reiki in the News


I got in the national newspapers today with a small article about Reiki the movie!

Check it out! :-)



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Reiki The Movie - Part 1 - Intro

Howdy guys,

Since this stays one of my favorite sites, eventhough I've been negleting it a little lately, I decided to make a comeback stronger than ever, and as an appologie to have left I decided to write a blog about the whole pre-production, production and post-production of my upcoming feature film, not "39", but "REIKI", an action film that will kickass!

Now for details about the story you can always read the blog underneath this one, or check the synopsis on the site itself: Read more

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And here is the synopsis of "Reiki" the feature film!

During the Inquisition, Tomàs de Torquemada, created "The Order", a special section of the Church that had to stop the reincarnations of witches through the ages.

To stop the reincarnation of a witch, they would have to kill the witch with the sword "Reiki", the slayer of witches. By striking a witch with "Reiki", their chances of reincarnation would be annihilated, and fatal death would appear.

Since, the "Reisha" incident during 1603, the...Read more

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Reiki - The Movie

I decided to do a feature film before doing "39". The shooting will happen in March.

Now, for now I'll put a small resumee about the film, it's called "Reiki":


Early in the 15th century,

the Inquisition,

under Tomás de Torquemada created “The Order”


The Order was a section created

to eliminate

all the reincarnations of witches for the centuries to come.


Their members were trained assassins and monks,

known for th...Read more

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