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When reality is a painting.

nofilter #clouds #sky #france #painting #sunset

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Something is brewing in the distance. This reminds me of one of my favorite movies with Bill Paxton. Can you guess which?

france #weather #rain #lachausseedivry #ivry #eure

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Oh France.. you never cease to surprise.

france #weird #eure #ivry #lachausseedivry

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Somebody here is not trusting the goats @efteling. 😂😂 #efteling #sunday #vadersdag #fathersday

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My father's day gifts! 😍😍😍 And now off to the @Efteling!

fathersday #microstep #efteling #themepark #dad #microscooter #scooter #kickscooter #boardgame #martinwallace #game #daughter #sunday

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  1. Here we are. The last frame and scene of the Julia Michaels video "Issues". Ending as the begin of the video but now with hope. That is actually me doing a cameo at the end of the video. I am proud to have made this video and even more proud of the message it brings and the positive reaction of people to it. It would have been impossible to make without @turidrenske and the super talented cast and crew that helped my vision come to life.

I would also like to thank @sense8 and Lana Wachowski as they were my inspiration for the video. I ...Read more

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  1. The lonely piano tuner. We got so lucky on this one. We did not have an actor for the scene but @richard.dee.roberts got us the super talented Jeff Ragget. What a pleasure it was to have him act this scene. Such skill!

And a special thanks to @markson.pianos that let us use their location to shoot this spectacular scene. They were so nice and incredibly friendly.

Lighting wise it was a point and shoot, local light was great and we just used the smoke machine (yes, again) to soften it and a small led light on the close ups to give that lit...Read more

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Watching the Giraffes at #Planckendael zoo.

zoo #monday

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  1. The depression scene in the Julia Michaels' lyric video.

Again, smoke machine blasting away #Riverdale style. A 800 boucing boucing the ceiling and one on the left side bouncing the back wall as we wanted the window to be the main light.

And lets not forget the talented @kutke who not only acted but also helped out a lot during the pre-production and production. Second time I worked with her First time being on @jamessayermusic music video. Check it out. Called #sweetbabyjane. @kutke is also a talented photographer so give her a fol...Read more

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