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Okay... i have been looking for the longest time.... for about a year now... and all of the dogs in xiamen look pretty sick..or are flea ridden.. and

i have been so busy traveling that it's been tough to have a pet... except plants that don't need to be watered..but all of that is sorted now...

Does anyone know where i can get a white..maltese teacup pup...or a white west highland terrier...I had a dream about a small white dog..running around my friends apartment and i was searching high and low for this dog who was crazily running around my friend's legs..so now this is definately the time..

i have been looking in china... but no breeders have turned up..

so HK this week.... i would love to know if anyone can put me in touch with any info..would be appreciated...i tried the dog rescue place already in HK... but alas nothing...



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teacups are very high maintenance as their bones are extra fragile. If you don't watch them for a moment and they jump off a chair, they could break their legs. They also don't live long b/c their organs are all messed up due to breeding. My friend has this black maltese looking dog (can't remember the name) but it's a very low maintenance dog for apt living and comes in brown and maybe yellow? Small enough to travel with you on trips.
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