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NIKE Event Pictures!!

Hey Folks!

2 nights ago was the Nike Gallery event. It was great to see all kinds of artwork on the wall there. If you didn't check it out -- some artists were doing some pieces for charity -- it was quite interesting to see how the artists would incorporate "THE ONE" into there painting. Check out some of the pictures:


First thing you see when you walk in is that BIG Nike symbol! @_@

Smile boys!! Nice to see so many familiar faces there.

Starts to get packed and more people starting to make their bids!!

Smile gals - this picture is going on AnD!! ;)

Here is a piece done by Michael Lau.

Loved this concept style by Chris Kong @ Garage Works.


I thought this one was really interesting. I loved how simple it was but stood out!

Here is my piece for th show. I still picked it up even though it said DONT TOUCH!! Oops!

Here is another shot of it. I added detail all around the edges.

Some people chatting, artists, bidders, friends etc. Everyone getting ready to leave.

Me and Jian - snapshot picture! Smile dudet!! Time to go :D Chris lets hit RACKS!!

After that we went out to Racks for a bit to meet up with more friends. It was nice to get out afer working so many hours - my hand almost fell off and my brain almost fried. @_@

Here are some funky glasses I stole from my friends. I look wierd in these...

Chris Kong with a slamming shot!

After that I went over to Karaoke to meet up with some friends from Toronto. I was sooo tired by that time but still sang a few songs :) After that I went home since I had to wake up early in the morning for meetings. Was a pretty fun weekend - Hope you enjoyed the pics! PeaCe!!!

Time to sleep - can't wait!

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ooo missed you there.. i liked this piece alot....
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