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Diesel Event - THANK YOU EVERYONE!! :D

AnD Folks!

I just have to say WOW!!

Thank you so much for all of your support everyone. I wanted to give a big thanks to Chris Kong for helping me so much on the event, Lloyd @ Shaw, Federico @ Diesel, Rose, Race, Patrick, Stephen, Raff, Jian, Crazy Phil, Sky, Grace, Andrew and wife, Terence, Conroy/24 Herbs, Josie, Li-Tong, Mio (coming all the way from Japan! You rock!!), Fern, Burton (for all your great pictures), Laura (for all your wonderful support), the entire AnD crew and EVERYONE who came to the show and those who supported the event even if you couldn't make it!


The show was alot of fun and at first I was only suppose to do 1 window hence the 2.5 hours -- but a few days before we realized that both windows were available to draw on -- so we decided to take the challenge and tackle it. Thanks to the DJ who threw on some great tracks it got my blood pumping and helped the flow of my work! For those who got splashes of paint on them errhmm... check Rosanne's blog haha! and Burten, sorry for the glasses and your camera! I'm really sorry I got paint all over you guys! Painting on such a large canvas was a wonderful experience.


After the event we all went to RACKS and had a wonderful time with the AnD guys shooting stick and chilling. Oh -- also check out Phil's blog -- haha it's really funny!! Phil, you are just too funny bro. For sponsors, thanks to Red Bull and Heineken.

We definately plan to do more events like this with AnD and other sponsors and I would love to see you there at the NEXT event!! Again -- I couldn't thank everyone enough with all the support, blogging and pictures of the event. Hope to see you all at the next one! :)


Here is a video of the event, thanks to AnD!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iA5LT-lx3g

Here is a wonderful article from HongKong Hustle:




PS. Don't forget Josie's concert on March 2nd!! Don't miss it!

Pat Lee

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ok ok, the video is ready!
over 16 years ago
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ack, youtube is going under maintenance... its set to public now, should be ready to soon...
over 16 years ago
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according to reports, its working now. ;-)
over 16 years ago
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Hi Pat, Awesome performance! I really wished I could have been there to witness it all, but this time-lapsed version is really good! It looks really intense and its amazing how you completed it in a mere few hours... Congratulations to you, AnD, and Diesel.
over 16 years ago
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hey congrats again on the amazing performance!!! All the stickers were gone too!! it was great fun. =)
over 16 years ago
looks awesome!!!! i really wish i could be there !!! but ... i am getting ready for the nationals wushu competition !!! anyway ... u did very good job man !!! Congratulations!!! ADI
over 16 years ago


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