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Shared from my Asian Male Page... and if you like the images, the rest of the series is at Enjoy.

Shared from my artist Page, a recent shoot with a lovely young lady Isabelle.

From my main artist page, some images taken at a beach of sand and water at the end of the shoot with a client.

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3.AM book launch party pics

Putting a book together is no small task, and as they say, the real work comes after the book is printed and published. You need to get the word out. So my first little event was the book launch of The Asian Male - 3.AM, which was held at the quaint and hip Culture Club this past Thursday. Attended by fans and new faces, and including several models from the book, it was a blast. Thank to everyone that came and showed their support. 

For those in the dark about what the book is about, it's my third photography book using the Asian Male face and body as my chosen subject. Mostly all the images are of the nude, exemplifying the beauty and sensuality of the male form. There is a touch of fashion, some erotica and bondage images. To get a sense of the work that I do, you can see some images at, but I'll post some shots later. The work is very personal and I'm more classically trained as far as my approach to how I see and capture an image. I'm not fond of overly manipulated (photoshopped) images, but on the rare occasion. 

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Finally the date for the book launch of The Asian Male - 3.AM has been set. Please reserve the date of Thursday, 20 November and join me at Culture Club, 15 Elgin St., where I will be selling and signing books. Bring a friend. RSVP at Eventbrite.

Update: The 3.AM book is still in the works. The printers have indicated that the books will not be ready before I leave on my trip to Europe, where I will have my first AM photography exhibition. So the book launch inevitably will be upon my return in mid-October.

In the meantime, I have been preparing for Zurich and found a beautiful Matt Art photo paper by Hahnemühle for this particular exhibition. The prints are really superb, and shows off my work exceptionally. (I had to waste a lot of ink and paper....but that's another story.)

Promoting my portrait photography work again. Please take a look and contact me if you are interested. Pricing is on the website...

For the photography buffs out there that shoot at a lot of people at events, you might want to check this out, a Kickstarter campaign by Tony Chau to make a better flash diffuser.

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