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Craziness @_@ Load of pics!

Hey Everyone,

Ok - sorry for not blogging for a week -- I've been collecting all the pictures from all the events, parties, places that I've visited in the past week so hope this makes up for the times I haven't been blogging. It has so far been a wonderful week. Started off by doing some practice runs early last week after my event on how fast I could draw -- so I did this quick 30 minute Alien sketch on a slab of wood we found 1st floor of building. Here it is:


It was alot of fun doing this piece since I love illustrating creatures. One day I would like to do a whole building with 100 Aliens crawling down a 5 floor building. That would be neat. After that day we hung out with 2R, Andrew, Terence, Phil and some other cool kats at a "secret location" to illustrate Optimus Prime on a wall. Andrew also did a drawing on the wall and it looked really cool. You can check out more pics on Rosanne's BLOG. Here is Rose standing beside it! :


Following after, Howard and Michael Wong were singing at a lounge in Lam Gwye Fong so we went to check that out. Howard has such incredible skills and you really have to go to one of his live performances WOW! - incredibly talented man. He can create a melody/lyrics on the spot. Here are some pictures from that event:



Ok - after that event was the Diesel/Adidas party which I have too many pictures of but here is my favorite picture of the night - Race and I trying to be Japanese Anime characters at the party:


Following after that event it was time to fly out to Shanghai - thanks to boys at RACKS, a whole ton of us flew over there as guests for the grande party event. I have to admit, I had a great time there. It was nice for all of us to hang out. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries so thanks to Race and Rose we were able to take a few good snaps from the event! I wish I had my camera to take Patrick's picture!! Patrick -- you rock when you drink haha! Here they are:


                   Dinner with Rose and Race before the event eating Red Bean Buns - Yum!


                                              Trying to sculpt my Bun into Batman's head!! ;)


                  Someone else took these pics -- but here is us arriving at the Racks party.


                           Finally arrived at the event hangin out shooting stick @ RACKS.

                                       Sorry Phil you missed out but we love you bro!!

After the Racks event everyone flew home and right when we landed we head out to Josie's concert . Everyone was holding all these huge Reebok hands and cheering for Josie! She was great and it was nice to finally see her concert -- The turn out was great!! here is a shot of it!


                                         Crazy lights - loved the digital screens too!

And that's about it. I was so tired for only get two hours of sleep that day but managed to make it home. Oh - some final pictures before I get back to work - have a 9:00am meeting so I don't think I'm sleeping tonight at all. Anyways, was an incredible week but now it's time to start working my crazy hours again. I'm actually looking forward to work though since I've been mostly concetrating on developing our feature film. Time to work then crash... Can't wait to get my sleeeep.... Night all!

Pat Lee...

ps: Wait a sec.. someone took my powers!!>> Grrrr!! PATRICK!! >:D It's ok... Your my wonder twin ;) HAHAha!



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dude, you need to catch up on your sleep!
over 15 years ago
I want a detailed account of your adventures in Shanghai, lol! ;)
over 15 years ago
Palwong 45 palwong
It's so COOL~! Hope can own your artwork from you.
over 15 years ago
nice pics man !!! I really hope that u can come to beijing someday ... is there any plan this year ? ADI
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
Sounds like u had a busy week... how fun!
over 15 years ago
over 15 years ago


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