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I can't believe I'm still up this late working...

Ok, so it's 6:33am right now and I am STILL up so late working on a music video. Sorry - can't say which one but you will definately see it soon as I will upload here on my blog. Today has been a busy but wonderful day. I met a highly spiritual person who goes by the name of Danny Chau, who is a part of AliveNotDead as well -- so look him up. ;) Thanks to Rosanne and Race -- by the way thank you for that lovely lunch, we had a wonderful time with Danny who is such an incredible soul and has an intense view on life and a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the journeys and the purpose of our existence. We could have talked forever -- but yikes, more meetings throughout the day.

The Racks event was pretty crazy and alot of fun. Only 2 tables were open but glad I got a chance to play. Here are some pictures of the event -- enjoy!


                 Yup! It's the AnD boys starting out the night. Van Nes you missin out man!


                                   "Hey where's Dan?? Lemme guess... Karaoke!!"


                One of my good friends from Toronto Dan and... Karaoke partner haha!!


                                 Friends from State side and Canada - smile gang!


                                            Justin, Patrick, Caged Robo and me ;)

So that's Racks! Lately my partner and I have been really steadily working on our feature scrīpt and it's coming along nicely -- so far we are quite happy with the direction but like all scrīpts go through countless tweakings. If you haven't seen the Diesel sticker of SHZIN -- here is how it looks like if you missed out on the Diesel event.


I'm also working on a big gallery event which will showcase a whole ton of my artwork so I'm really looking forward to gettin that out there. Anyways, lotZ happened - I don't think I'm going to sleep very much -- deadlines deadlines and more deadlines!! Ivan -- I want my 3 SillyThing McDonalds burgers!!! LOL

Peace be with you all and goodnight. ;)

Pat Lee


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we still got like 2000 of those stickers, when you gonna pick them up man! ;-)
over 15 years ago
nice speech bubbles! LOL!
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over 15 years ago


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