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A Director's perspective

Well, here I am in Toronto while most people in Hong Kong are close to sleeping or out partying. I'm currently at Star Bucks right now writing a film treatment and really happy how things are flowing. Weather here is not as cold as it was in the past few days and listening to my Ipod - the usual theatrical music composed by H. Zimmer - greatest composer in feature film.

Developing a feature film isn't the easiest task. It needs all the elements in place to satisfy a veiwer who pays his movie ticket of nine dollars. What is it that makes a great film? It's not just because of a good scrīpt, or just a great Director who knows what he wants - it takes an entire team who has a similar if not same vision and getting sleepless nights trying to do everything they can to make this one film that is the end all be all - striving in sync with one another to create the best motion picture that is passionate, compelling and something that an audience will remember throughout thre life. A Director needs to breath not only his vision but the team that works with him developing with momentum.  

I remember when I was 13 years old and my cousins and I always got together to make these short ninja movies - violent but also comedic. Then we got older and begin developing Mafia/Gangster type movies - ofcourse these movies were only created for ourselves as practice since my brother and one of my cousins wanted to act professionally - and I always wanted to Direct. So - to make a long story short, here I am developing a feature film and my passion throughout the years I've climbed has brought me to this voyage.

Anything you want in life we can achieve as long as you have concentration, vision, direction, motivation and the passion to climb the mountain of our dreams. There is no room to feel fear.

Run if you can, Walk if you have to, Crawl if you must... But never give up.

Back to writing. ;)

Pat Lee

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"A Director needs to breath not only his vision but the team that works with him developing with momentum. " so true! but you need to find the people that believe in it! then the magic starts! good luck!
over 16 years ago
Keep knockin' on your film treatment! Can't wait to see the project when the time comes! Happy New Year!
over 16 years ago
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Yup! Never give up. I admire your drawings. They are fantastic.
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