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Optimus x $2.00usd and Hirst Supreme Decks|2美元的擎天柱和Hirst Supreme Decks|2美元的擎天柱和Hirst Supreme Decks

I just love shopping in Hong Kong and all of the wonderful things you can find in small back alley toy shops. Check out this really cool Optimus Pri... Wait a second. That's not Optimus Prime that's a knock off! But a damn pretty good one if you ask me. It even has a unique colorway blue mouth plate and chech that out - it also has a blue matrix in his chest and hey look at that, they even threw my artwork on the packaging.

I also love how they added all the Japanese text in there - straight rip from the original packaging. Hmm nope - no Takara logo. A friend of mine sent me this DVD from Toronto with my artwork of Optimus Prime on it - Transformers Energon Episodes. One of my favorite TF pieces I've done in the past.

More on this blog "CLICK HERE"| 我喜歡在香港購物,你可以在小黑巷子的玩具店裡找到一切好玩的東西。看看這個相當酷的擎天...等一下,那不是擎天柱那是一個贗品。但是如果你問我覺得怎麼樣我會覺得真tm不錯。它甚至有一個獨一無二的顏色設計的藍色的口板,看看他胸口還有一個藍色的矩陣,看看他們甚至把我的作品都包起來了。 


閱讀更多的blgo點擊 這裡| 我喜欢在香港购物,你可以在小黑巷子的玩具店里找到一切好玩的东西。看看这个相当酷的擎天...等一下,那不是擎天柱那是一个赝品。但是如果你问我觉得怎么样我会觉得真tm不错。它甚至有一个独一无二的颜色设计的蓝色的口板,看看他胸口还有一个蓝色的矩阵,看看他们甚至把我的作品都包起来了。



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Photo 154385
what acid shit in Mongkok Pat lee? I love yr work place especially the balcony. hey i will be in h.k. in btw 10 july - aug. any events or party going on .pls invite me yvonnex
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Photo 154385
yes i like the smalll back alley too . I always find something interesting and cheap stuff. seeya.x
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
dang, good ripoff!
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Photo 41035
wow! Convoy! he is popular;) In Japan, Transformers REVENGE is release on the 20th. Did u c TakaraTomy's site?↓ http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/TF/products/henkei/
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Photo 317375
Wow nice replica but never as good as the original! Thanks for the update ;0)
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Photo 281861
In Asia, you cannot help with the blatent rip off of anything popular and authentic. I do not know how you take this, maybe as a compliment for the knockoffs - "we gotta make this look good, and need some real cool authentic drawings of prime to push our product" - roll in the pat lee art work.
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Photo 43083
Somewhere around (probably in the attic) I have an original Optimus Prime toy from the original TV series ... crazy, ain't it? :P
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Hong Kong
April 16, 2007