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Just thoughts part II (continued)

Over the years my mind has just turned off or at least half functioned.  I let comments eat me up.  I feed off of compliments as if it is something I need to survive.  When there is no compliment I begin to feel hungry and when I’m hungry I become self-conscious.  It’s a horrendous cycle that goes on and on.  Negative comments can really put a hole in my confidence.  I am quite sensitive to what others say.  It’s not a good thing.  I’m trying to change this.  I’m trying to accept who I am.  I’m trying to appreciate what God has given to me  It’s easy to say but we all know “easily said than done”.  Baby steps….baby steps into taking risks…trying new things, being spontaneous, and taking chances….baby steps with speaking my own mind, finding myself and being stronger and more independent.  This is what I seek for in the next few months……

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
I agree with your asessment that you need not be self-conscious based on the comments of others. However, based on the comments about you which I hear on a regular basis, your confidence has nothing to worry about. You are, from what I can tell, one of the most beloved and well-liked people that I've met here in Hong Kong. I say this not from any observations of you (since you and I have had limited interactions) but from my observations of those who know you. You are cool peoples. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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Dear Marsha, I can understand why you can easily be hurt by other people. I know you are a very kind person who is always receptive to other people and considerate of other people's feelings. So, when someone is unreasonably rude or inconsiderate to you, it hurts! Of course it hurts! That is nothing wrong with that. So when you feel hurt, you have to understand that it is not your problem and you should not feel guilty or ashamed about those feelings. On the contrary, it is those people who should feel guilty and shameful of themselves. If they aren't, there is no hope for them to improve. For as long as we still 'feel hurt' without feeling bitter, we will always remember to be considerate to other people, right? This belief has given me the strength to bear the feeling of "very hurt" to feeling "just a tickle" nowadays if I come across the same situation. For an artist, I am sure the strength required need to be many times more as you are constantly subject to intrusions and you can't lose your cool publicly... Likewise, there is nothing wrong to feel happy when someone gives you a sincere compliment to something that you are or that you do. Trust me, I think you are truly beautiful from your heart to your outward appearance and I wouldn't change anything because of unworthy people if I were you. You don’t have to force yourself to be strong and independent because I think you are already!
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hmm, in my view if you worry too much about what other people are thinking about you, you're never going to get anywhere, you gotta just be confident and know that negativity will be there no matter how well you do or how much you achieve. You can never eliminate it, just learn to get past it.
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