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Recent Activities & SHOWING TO PUBLIC NEXT WEEK!!!



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只得一秒 Only One Second left...

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<![endif]What would you do if the world has only one second left?

This is the theme song of my new movie...

A young man feels the world is going to slip away from him when he bumps into his girlfriend who's going to break up with him...

I hope you would love the melody of this song as much as I do! 



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Dear Friends,

It has been quite some time since my last blog… There have been both ups and downs in my life…  The sad things have been the passing away of my daddy and also my beloved dog Wong Wong both within this year…

Out of my sadness, it has given me more power and determination to pursue my dreams and I am now happy to announce that the feature film that I have produced is selected to be shown at this year’s Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.

Here’s what the Actors have to say about WHEN C GOES WITH G7

and here is the movie trailer

This film will be shown publicly in Hong Kong from Dec 10 th onwards, after being exhibited at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival on Oct 27 th and Oct 30th:

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Let's buy an apartment together!!!

After months' of hard work and the joy of working with talented people, our "baby" will be born on July 17th!

Please remember to tune in to ATV (Chi),

or on the web, on July 17th, 2011 at 7:30pm to support us!

 ###“We Wanna Buy A Flat!”

 It is an urban legend that the previous generation of  Hong Kong citizens have switched from poverty to prosperity by the method of: Save money -> Buy apartment -> Sell apartment -> Buy apartment again!  So, is an apartment a blessing or a curse to a Hong Kong person?  Five innocent young adults have pledged to live up to this dream of buying an apartment together!  Let us watch closely their youthful journey of no regrets!




傳說上一代香港人都是這樣脫貧發達的:儲錢→買樓→賣樓→再買樓。一層樓,是護身符,還是緊箍咒?五個大想頭的後生仔,身體力行,實踐獅子山下核心價值觀,心口刻上「勇」字,向著人人夢寐以求的「一層樓」出發。讓我們屏息靜氣,觀看他們輕狂無悔的歷程! The Link to watch the web cast / archived program:

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Some new work...

Hi Hi, long time no update!  I miss all of my friends here on AnD!!##I've just finished shooting a drama for RTHK, titled <五個買樓的少年> ( "We Wanna Buy A Flat!"), for which I am the producer.  The program will be starring Steven Cheung 張致恆 , Roy Chow周永恒 , Shiga Lin連詩雅 , Hinson Chou周子揚 and Terence SiuFay小肥.  It will be aired in Hong Kong in May!  I will give you more updates soon but in the mean time, you may enjoy the following scene shots for your sneak preview! Over the past months, not only have I been busy re-writing the screenplay and doing preparation for my debut feature movie, I was also doing some odd freelance jobs.  For example, it was a joy to work with so many talented young Christian artists to promote the Noah's Ark Park and Resort at Ma Wan!###

And I also had the honor to direct some of the segments for AXN's E-Buzz program last summer, starring the beautiful Mrs. Daniel Wu (Lisa S.) and the amusing Filipino showsman,Rovilson Fernandez!! hope I will be able to give you more updates about my debut movie soon!  Please cover me with your prayers!  Bless ya! ;-)

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Happy Chinese New Year! My New TV Commercial!

Happy Chinese New Year!

The following TV commercial is

Produced, Co-directed with the Voice Over also done by me!



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My dream is soon to come true....

I have not been blogging or contacting my friends here

for a while because I have been working hard on my

debut feature film to be shot next year!  Yes, that's right!

My dream is soon to come true....

For now, I have just been listed on IMDB for a couple of

short films that I made some time ago (see below). 

Next year, there should be a "real" one to be added! 

Yeah!  Will certainly keep everyone posted on its progress. 


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Continuing on with SCOTTIE'S SECRET LOVE story…

After a few busy months, I now have time to continue with my last story on SCOTTIE’S SECRET LOVE …  Well, it has all started with a brief that I got from my client, right before last Christmas Eve, to make a presentation film to relay the key message that “Yahoo is Your Daily Partner and Your Essential Media”.  The challenge I was facing was that I only had about 2-3 weeks to deliver the film from scratch and to compile a whole lot of other supporting messages into the video.  This short working lead time was challenging enough, not to mention that the 3 weeks happened to include the Christmas and New Year holidays!  And after I’ve got 10x different DVDs, a big folder of facts and a few pages of detailed brief from my client, it had taken me a couple of days to just digest those information.  While I was worried that I didn’t know how to wrap everything up nicely to relay all those messages, a classic Mandarin number,如果沒有你Ru Guo Mei You Ni sung by白光 Bai Guang , suddenly came to my mind.  It is a beautifully romantic song that literally translates into the meaning of “If I don’t have you, how can I go on”…  Immediately I thought this would be very suitable to use to convey my client’s desired messages.  So I quickly wrote the following lyrics down.


**“If I don’t have you How can I go on

My heart will break Nothing can I do no more**


No matter work or for fun (Yahoo!)

Big things or little ones (Yahoo!)

So long as I have you (Yahoo!)

You make my life such a joyous one (Yahoo! Yahoo!)    **


I then go to my very talented friend Scottie for help.  Scottie then introduced me to his musical genius friend Justin to design the contemporary re-mix and produce the song for me with ME and Justin singing the vocals.  Wow, that was my once-in-my-life chance to fulfill my dream of being a singer so I was very delighted by the idea!  And besides having the wonderful appearance of Scottie and Justin in my film, I’ve also invited my mum, my dad, my 2 dogs (Wong Wong the Shitzu and BB the Poodle), my nephew Hayden (the little boy) and the beautiful office lady Dilys, who is my good friend and ex-colleague, to appear in the film.  The only actress in the film who is an employee of Yahoo is the teenage girl.  She was in fact only styled to look like that and I think she was great too!


Following is the end video that I did with the help of my wonderful friends and family.  I’ve also put the original version of the song here too just for reference.  


Patty’s version

The original version sung by Bai Guang

What more can I say but “IF I DON’T HAVE YOU, HOW CAN I GO ON….”

 Thank you mum and dad!  Thank you to my families and friends who are always supportive to me.  And a BIG THANK YOU goes to  AIYA! ( Scottie Hui & Justin Lim ), the new comedic duo who will carry on the legacy of Sam Hui (locally known as the "King of Cantopop") by remaking his hit songs from the 70's to the 80's with English lyrics and in the style of modern day Western pop music, for their great support!


In fact, coming up in my next blog will be all my thought and work processes on the new music video that I have had the honor to do for these two wonderfully talented young men - the “10 Pretty Girls” mv !  Watch out for it!


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Scottie Hui's Secret Love (Exclusive Breaking Story)

I thought Scottie Hui, the youngest son of Sam Hui

(locally known as the "King of Cantopop") had told

everyone that he was engaged already, but I found out

that he has recently got involved in a new love affair! 

Here are some photos to prove this breaking story.

This was how it happened...

Late one night, while Scottie was still working, he and

his dog suddenly felt that they deserve some tender

loving care...

Scottie told his dog, BB, that he had an idea...

In the Yahoo's Dog Community section, he wrote

in his blog that...

His kissed his dog good luck and hopes that

his plan would work...

And so it did!  Someone was interested in this


Beautiful Miss WongWong is at a suitable age

to look for a spouse. 

On the next day, her beautiful mum decided to

respond to the call that she saw in Scottie's blog...

After intensive waiting... here they come!!!

While Scottie pretended to stay cool, BB couldn't...

"Daddy, Daddy, I want her!"  BB signaled to

his daddy and Scottie whispered back into

BB's ear "I know son, so do I..."

What a happy ending for all of them!  BB has

found beautiful Miss WongWong to be his wife

and Scottie was also happy as he enjoyed the

company of his beautiful 'in law"! 

Justin Lim (who is Scottie's singing partner in

"AIYA!", a new comedic duo who will carry on

the legacy of Sam Hui by remaking his hit

songs from the 70's to the 80's with English

lyrics and in the style of modern day Western

pop music) was happy to be their chauffeur since

he had just bought this beautiful car from the

Yahoo! Auction page for cars!

But shhhhhh, please don't tell Scottie's fiancee!

Disclaimer:  All of the above are in fact part of the story

                    which I  have created to promote the

                    various different properties of Yahoo!

                    Both BB and Wong Wong are MIINE!  And

                    WongWong is NOT a girl!  The pretty girl

                    is called Dilys.  She is my ex-colleague at

                    both Celestial Pictures and at InMagazine!

                    The great looking Minicooper belongs to

                    Scottie's daddy!

                    What a joy it was to work with such fine

                    artists!  And what a great way to start 2009!

                    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!



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Seasons Greetings from Patty Keung's sons

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