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Be Careful What You Wish For …

Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart.

Not for the friendships I made there, which were quite wonderful and heartfelt.

Nor for the experience it provided me with social networking and alivenotdead.com.

Not even for being the place where I picked up my limited Cantonese, learned how to jog, began to appreciate traditional kung fu, or discovered an affinity for herbal tinctures and naturopathic medicine.

Hong Kong has a special place in my heart for one major reason: The ...Read more

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A Week’s Worth of Tweets …

*why do i always forget how muggy it is in HK? It isn't like i wasn't just here 3 weeks ago … #

*In Hong Kong. 2 Days and then back to China! #

*I'm heading to # HongKong tomorrow for 2 days! Then back to China on Tuesday. Read more

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Weekly Wushu Recap (10/23-31)

I have been a bit remiss in blogging due to an overabundance of work and responsibilities.  But I wanted to post up some notes from my second week of wushu training with the Shaanxi Wushu Team before it completely skips my mind.  (I’m actually coming up on the end of the third week as I write this, but first things first.)

October 23 (Friday)

After that first practice, I made my way back to the wushu hall and got there a bit early.  I had only worked out once so far so the soreness hadn’t hit me yet.  This time...Read more

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A Week’s Worth of Tweets …

*Check out our latest adventures! A video just for you.
http://bit.ly/OqxRh #

*Interview with @ rainnwilson on @nightline: The Meaning of Life: http://bit.ly/4sPYqu via @ addthis Read more

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Adventures in Film Making

While I’ve done a fair amount of video editing and filmming in my day, and I’ve been around plenty of folks who know what to do with a video/film camera, I’m not exactly what you would call a “film maker”.

However, even though I’m not trained in the art of making films, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t interest me and I don’t try to explore that area when I have the chance.

Waiting for Bus No. 905...Read more

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Wushu Photography at the 11th All China Games

During the recent 11th All China Games in Binzhou, Shandong, China I changed my focus a bit from my usual activity.  Typically I spend the time filming the event for friends and wushu fans on the net.  And while I did take some videos (you can see them on my youtube channel at youtube.com/wushuzilla or my upcoming youku.com channel) this time around I focused on figuring out effective ways of taking wushu photography.  Specifically figuring out how to effectively capture the emotion of wushu.

A lot of peo...Read more

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Blogging Plans

Just wanted to share a change in how I plan on blogging in the future.

My personal blogs (i.e. travel blogs, what I ate today, who I’m hanging out with, etc) will be only on narom.net, which actually feeds to my facebook notes.  But if you aren’t my friend on facebook no worries.  Just read narom.net or subscribe to the RSS feed from there.

My “artist” type blogs (i.e. my work, photography, editing, writing, drawing, and related topics) will be on naromdesigns.com, my work website, which feeds here to alivenotdead.com.  So, if ...Read more

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2003 Manga Studies

Back in 2003 I went through a phase of studying manga art.  I had a friend, Inori, who was helping me learn a few of the various aspects of drawing, inking and finishing a manga.  So, I did a quick two page manga strip and catalogued thed steps I took during the inking process. I am by no means proficient at manga art (or comics in general) but it was a very educational experience for me so I thought I would share it here.The first thing I did was draw out my manga strip idea with pencil.  "penciling" I believe is the technical t...Read more

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From Haiti to L.A. to H.K. to Macau

It has been about 10 days since we left Haiti.  My dad reminded me that I haven’t blogged in a little while (I have created a monster) so here is a catch-up entry to keep everyone in the loop.

The last day in Haiti (9/21) we did a quick drop-by at CAFT for one last interview.  Then it was off to the airport where we checked in for our flight.


...Read more
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Hey! I'm an artist!

They artisized me!  Thanks guys!  Although, I'm going to have to hurry and design a skin for myself because that iPhone photo of me needs some work. ;-) 

October 1, 2009 : The first day of my artist status on alivenotdead.com.  I think I am the first person to go from being an employee to being an artist.  Shan went the other direction (aritst -> employee) and T has been both since the beginning.  I wonder who will be next .... 

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