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AND @ Racks Shanghai!

Alivenotdead in Shanghai!

Racks grand opening 01-03-2008

16 pool tables in a sleek decor and DJ Alchemist spinning all night long!

It's superfan!

Patrick getting drunk...hehe

Is that your handbag Patrick?

Pat was the king of the pool table!

This pic was taken on the second night... Min took us to a great restaurant in Xin tian di...The food was delicious... It was so good that I didn't have time to take pics... By the time this dish arrived we were already stuffed, so I was able to take a pic of this. It was soooo good...

The 2nd night at Racks

Sexy pose Pat!

It's Min!!!

Behold, the ONLY mechanical bull in China! Look mom, without hands!!

Go cowboy!

Shame the bull wasn't set up to ride yet...Let's do the bull riding competition next time you guys are in town!

At cash box... it was already pretty late when I took this pic...The girl behind Patrick had already fallen asleep...

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he doesn't look drunk at all... just dead. :-P
about 16 years ago
Photo 23833
Pat looks a 17 year old aspiring bull fighter here..haha Fun PIx!!
about 16 years ago
oh my god..Patrick is hilarious!!! I"m so happy to see you in Shanghai dear.
about 16 years ago
Photo 33405
Too bad I couldn't make it. Looks like a lot of fun! thx for sharing...
about 16 years ago


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