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This is how we spent our days on Gili island!

I already had my Padi so I was watching from a distance how Betty and Mandy were doing in the pool.

We woke up at 05:30 in the morning of our first dive in Gili! We had a nice breakfast with jam on toast, fresh fruits and Lombok coffee. Then we took off to the diving shop where we waited around a bit. The weather was great! The water felt a bit cold at first, but after a few minutes we got used to it! We went quite deep with the other girls, it was their first intro dive.

We saw so many fish and turtles! There was a huge one that must have been at  least 50 years old. Unlike the other turtles, this one didn't swim away when we approached. It even let me touch its back!!

This is one of the turtles that we saw!

We were so excited from our first dive in Gili that we spontaneously jumped into a split!

What we do between takes? Relax of course!

some horseriding on the beach...I should take some more horseriding lessons. I've only been riding on horses that are trained to deal with beginning riders...One day I will be able to gallop bareback on a horse along the beach shore with the wind in my hair, yeah!

Bob Marley is alive! He is leading a secret life in Indonesia!!!

A little turtle sanctuary on the island. They have three kinds of turtles here. I love turtles!!!

Here is me holding one! I get so many privileges as an Adventure Girl! Other tourists are not allowed to hold them.

Guess what this is... our bruised legs of course! Our adventures are pretty physical... No pain no game!!!

This is one of the villa's in Kelapa village.The owners rent it out during certain times of the year.

The owners threw a big BBQ party for us and invited all the neighbours...

Maybe we can find a place like this and throw an Alivenotdead party in the summer!

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Photo 23632
wow. that is pretty cool.
over 15 years ago
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you plan it, and i'll be sure to come! ;-) ps - in hawaii you can go to jail for harassing (touching) turtles! :-O
over 15 years ago
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thats what they all think until the turtle bites their finger! ;-)
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
very cool!! i love seeing sea turtles~
over 15 years ago


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