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What the future holds...

Went to the Museum of Natural history today, and found it dusty and run down. It's a shame. I loved it as a kid. The only thing that even got a mild reaction out of me, other then the obvious gem room, were these two neanderthals, apparently taking a gentle stroll, while casually embracing each other, through the tundra. This just made me laugh. Silly... This is what I imagine me and my "significant other" to look like when we are 95 .

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yes, you might look like that if you became a nudist and overdosed on rogaine... but until that happens, i wouldn't worry about it coming to pass.
almost 16 years ago
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That's a great museum. The gift store there is great too. When are you going to get into film? I am waiting for you and Daniel to have film together.
almost 16 years ago


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